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How to Pick the Right Car for Your Wedding?

When a joyful moment occurs in our life, we are offered a marriage proposal; this is an inexpressible feeling. Preparation begins in full swing. We try on dresses and veils, costumes. We are looking for delicious cuisine in the most luxurious restaurant in our city, a DJ, a presenter, photographers, and operators. Finally, the most important thing remains, which car to rent for a wedding? To choose the right car for our unforgettable celebration or wedding, you need to consider some criteria.

Today Lavish Ride has compiled an instruction for you on how to pick the right car for a wedding in Houston and not miscalculate. We have included all the most relevant information in the article. So, let’s discuss in detail:

How to Pick the Right Car for Your Wedding?

You have to focus on the following factors:

1.   Basic Tips

In every big city, there are transport companies that offer wedding cars for rent. You can also order cars through online stores. In order not to miscalculate with the choice of the wedding procession, use the following tips:

  • Budget: Before ordering a car, decide how much you are willing to spend on rent. Payment for the service is often hourly; prices vary depending on the chosen transport.
  • Choose a suitable company. To do this, select several options for companies. Find out how long they have been working in the rental industry. After that, compare their catalogs and price lists and look at reviews of each company on websites and Internet forums.
  • Check all the financial points. Find out the minimum and maximum rental time, the prepayment amount, the rates for extra time, whether there are fines or penalties for damage or breakdown of the vehicle.
  • Discuss the driver’s appearance. The driver should wear a formal suit to preserve the solemn spirit of the holiday.

2.   Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort are very important because the couple has to spend a lot of time in the car. After you have chosen a company and found a car, do not rush to conclude a contract! First of all, it is better to sit in the salon, relax, and determine how comfortable it is inside. When you are 100% sure and ready to sign the contract, check all the main points.

3.   The Right Car’s Appearance

When choosing a car for a wedding, pay attention to the exterior of the vehicle. Even the most expensive model may not fit into your event and look just awful due to poor grooming. If you choose the Internet, do not be lazy to go and look at the car before the holiday. Often what you see in the photo may not be true. Inspect the technical condition of the transport so that there are no unexpected breakdowns on the most important day for you.

4.   Interior size

Depending on the splendor, size of the bride’s dress, her figure, it is worth choosing the size of the wedding car interior. If the wedding dress is not pompous (in an evening, vintage style), any type of car will do, even with a narrow interior. For princess-silhouette dresses or trendy cuts with a long train, you need a spacious salon where you can sit comfortably and not worry that some piece of clothing will crumple up.

5.   Vehicle type

The choice of cars is huge. Here we will suggest the following best options:

The SUV is a novelty in the wedding car fleet. It is popular among modern fashionista and appropriate for weddings that take place in country estates and for walks in mountainous or forest areas.

Business-class cars are intended for business people. These models are comfortable and elegant. The most daring design solutions and advanced technologies are used for their production. So these cars are also a good option for your wedding.

Future newlyweds often choose executive class sedans as the right car of the motorcade. Such cars are the most comfortable to stay inside because of the spacious interior and maintain optimal temperature conditions, safety, and reliability. In addition, it is these cars that are not only able to maintain the high mood of the solemnity of the moment but to emphasize the delicate taste and favorably support the style of the holiday in wedding photos and videos.

6.   The right car’s color

There are no signs and superstitions associated with the color of the wedding’s right car. Usually, the bride and groom choose the color of the car based on personal preferences or the general style of the wedding.

Nowadays, couples who prefer strict solemnity choose black cars as the right car. They find it very stylish to contrast a white wedding dress against a black background.

7.   Possibility of registration

Several transport companies prohibit the use of many car decorations. Therefore, before buying decorations, ask about the possibility of decorating the car in the style you need. It would help if you discussed each and everything in detail about the decoration and other restrictions.

8.   Consider personal preference!

Here we will suggest you consider your personal preferences! This is only your holiday, and you are obliged to receive only satisfaction and joy from it.

If your half has different views and wants something different, do not persist. Discuss your desires and find the right car that meets your needs. Check out wedding cars, do your best to make both of you comfortable, and enjoy the holiday of love.

Advice: When choosing the right car for your wedding, it is important not to forget about the guests. For a small number of people, a couple of minibusses with 7-10 seats are suitable. If there are more guests, choose a more spacious vehicle such as 15-20 seats.

Let’s Sum Up

It’s time to stop doubting and start taking action! Lavish Ride is providing the right cars for your wedding.  Anyone who arranges a wedding on special dates such as 05.05, 07.07 must make a reservation in advance. These days, many people want to get married, which means you will not get the right car for you. By the way, in summer the demand for car rental is also increasing.

If something is not clear, do not hesitate and call us by phone or visit the sites and pages on social networks. We would love to assist you.

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