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Cars for Special Occasions: A Complete Guide

Cars for special occasions are a necessity in the modern world. A wedding ceremony, an anniversary or engagement party, a romantic walk, the birth of a child – these are wonderful occasions in a person’s life. They will surely lead you to the question: “What vehicle to choose for this day?”
A car of a particular brand with specific technical characteristics, colors, a certain atmosphere of the cabin is most often needed for special occasions. Of course, you may have a car. But the presence of a car in your home doesn’t negate the need for rent.

How your special day requires a car service?

Many people have a personal vehicle. However, most of the cars are used by drivers for work, everyday tasks, or short distances. For example, when a person lives in the suburbs and goes to the metropolis for shopping, or takes children to study. Because of this, not every transport is suitable for special events or organizing surprises. In such cases, the car rental service comes to the aid of motorists.
A car with a personal driver always looks good and raises the status of a person. Most often, rented cars are of a high class, prestige and meet the most demanding requirements. Hardly anyone will need a luxury car for every day, but special occasions. With the help of a chauffeur car service, you can easily and quickly find a model that will fit into the occasion’s theme. A luxury car makes your special day more memorable.

Key benefits of Cars for Special Occasions

It is difficult to imagine a more convenient solution than a car service for your special occasions. There are many advantages of the Cars for Special Occasions service. Among the entire list, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • low cost of renting a car of national brands;
  • a huge selection of models, numbering hundreds of copies of different brands and technical characteristics;
  • availability of insurance for the period of using the car;
  • no need for maintenance and repair (these tasks are carried out by the rental point);
  • modern equipment of cars with navigation systems, air conditioning, audio equipment, etc .;
  • fast registration process.

It is also worth noting that cars must have a complete set of airbags and belts.

How Every Occasion Requires a Proper Car?

The following are some special occasions that require a luxury chauffeur car service:

1.   Weddings

For such an important event as a wedding, the cars must be appropriate. You can limit yourself to renting a car only for the newlyweds, or you can rent a whole wedding cortege in one style. Depending on the style of the wedding, the brand of cars and their color is selected. Nowadays, black cars are in trend. So you can select a black car service for your wedding event.
When renting a car for a wedding, it is recommended to order driver services immediately. Firstly, this person will be fully responsible for the vehicle’s health and the safety of movement. Secondly, you will get time to enjoy each moment of your special day.

2.   Prom

Graduation from school or university? Preparations for the holiday are in full swing, but you haven’t found your car yet?
Graduation is the day that you want to remember for many years, so every detail, in this case, is of great importance. Agree, an ordinary city bus, which is so often rented, is unlikely to leave pleasant memories and positive impressions. Renting a car will add a touch of comfort and luxury to your holiday. In addition, having a car will keep your legs safe before the holiday and allow them to relax after crazy dancing. Just imagine how good it is to enjoy the city from the car window and in the pleasant company of friends. You can drink champagne, or you can enjoy your vacation and take cool photos.

3.   Engagements

A wedding is one of the most beautiful and romantic days. But there is another equally significant event that precedes the wedding celebration – this is the engagement. To make the betrothal moment special and remembered by the future newlyweds and their guests for life, we suggest ordering Cars for special occasions.

4.   Anniversaries

The wedding day is the most important date in the life of a young family, which is usually remembered throughout their life together. It is necessary to have a lavish celebration every time on your wedding anniversary. You need to approach the rental and hire a car service to enjoy your anniversary day.

5.   Discharging from Maternity Hospital

The birth of a new family member is a beautiful miracle. And newly-minted parents are always worried about how the first trip of the little person home will go. Of course, the main criterion here is impeccable safety. Therefore, when renting a car for discharge from the hospital, you must, first of all, proceed from the safety class of the car. The next important point is sound insulation and stability.
Often young fathers focus on the coolness of the car, on its pretentiousness and ornamentation. This is a big mistake because the main thing is to take the spouse and the baby safe, sound, and calm. Therefore, when renting a car for such a case, you need to proceed from purely practical criteria. And, of course, here again, it is worth advising to rent a car with a driver – then you can completely relax and enjoy the trip with the whole family.

6.   Birthday party

A luxury car is perfect for a birthday, which will not be a simple celebration but a one hundred percent success. After all, not a single birthday person wants everyone to forget his/her celebration immediately. The birthday, which will be celebrated in a luxury car, will be remembered by all your friends together with you for many years to come. And those who missed such a significant event will regret that they missed such a celebration.

7.   Romantic walk

Are you looking for ideas for a romantic evening? Do you want to be a perfect prince for your sweetheart? But a prince will not be a prince without his horse. Even if in the modern world horses have become iron, the concept of a prince + a horse has not changed from this. Now a luxury car has taken the place of a horse.

8.   Bachelor Party

The main worries of preparing for the wedding are over, and there are several days left before the exciting event. It’s time for the bride and groom to relax and spend the evening with their best friends. A premium car will make your evening more intense and full of emotions. Just take a walk around the city at night in the cheerful company of your closest friends!

9.   Social events for work

For business people, renting a car is an integral part of the job. Meeting partners, cultural program, accompaniment – all this is impossible without renting a business car and a professional driver. Also, to save time, transactions, and negotiations, you can conduct your meetings in the cars, the interior of which is equipped properly, especially for business meetings.
Moreover, to pick up an important guest from the airport with an ordinary taxi can be fraught with different consequences. To drop or pick up a person from the airport on time, you must contact professionals

How to Choose Cars for Special Occasions?

There are several factors to consider, such as:

1.   The modern and stylish body design

The car model chosen must be luxurious and stylish to match the spirit of the event. On a special occasion, everything shines and mesmerizes, so the car should be no less impressive. Pay attention to the exterior because it is the first thing people notice.
For weddings, meetings from the hospital, and other similar cases, only a car in good condition is suitable: no scratches, chips, and scuffs on the body. It is also worth paying attention to the disks – they should also be without visible traces of use.

2.   Neat and spacious interior

The inside of the vehicle must look no worse than the outside. Carefully inspect the showroom before concluding a contract – dirt, damage to panels, and unpleasant odors can instantly ruin your mood.

3.   Comfort

Comfort is essential because you will spend most of your special day traveling by car. Nowadays, few people use a limousine because it is much more expensive, and it is a rather long and clumsy car. So it is uncomfortable to travel around the city on it. You can get stuck in traffic jams and stand in them for hours, missing all the fun and the fun.

4.   Air conditioning and heater

On special occasions, the heat or cold does not allow you to maintain an attractive appearance. Check the car’s main features to maintain the optimum air temperature in the car.

5.    Car with a driver

If alcohol is available at the celebration or you can’t drive a car for any other reason, use chauffeur service. Having your own driver will raise the level of the party in the eyes of others. It will also allow you not to deny yourself anything at the celebration.

6.   Condition of chassis and engine

The most important item on the list is checking the technical serviceability of the car. You won’t be able to check it “by eye”. The only option is to drive your car through the parking area. Pay attention to whether the steering wheel turns smoothly in both directions – many cars during the trip may have problems with the power steering.

How to choose the Best Car Service Providers For Special Occasions

The company you use must be reliable and time-tested. There are a huge number of companies offering car rental. Therefore, when choosing a technique, you must carefully read customer reviews. It is also worth looking at the current price list for services and finding out what is included in them.
Some companies offer hidden charges which provide an unpleasant experience. Everything should be clean and transparent. So that a thorough comparative analysis can be carried out. We present to you the best offers from our fleet – luxury car rental for special occasions. We know that these events require a lot of energy, effort, and concern. Undoubtedly, if you choose a car for a special occasion from Lavish Ride, you will receive high-level service.
Moreover, our goal is to provide maximum comfort and convenience. The vehicles we offer are new and in perfect condition, and our drivers are professionals who will take care of your trip.
In addition to rental cars for weddings or proms, we also offer cars for the transfer of your guests. If your celebration involves the movement of guests, we can take care of it! Lavish Ride fleet has new minivans with different capacities. With us, the journey of your guests will be comfortable, simple, and well-organized!
While you take care of the rest, we take care of your transfer!

Let’s Sum Up

Wedding, anniversary, birthday – your holiday deserves the best car! Book a black luxury car and enjoy the brightness and comfort of the trip. Lavish Ride offers a luxurious selection of luxury cars that will create a special atmosphere of celebration for your evening.
To hire cars for special occasions, you just need to visit our website or call us. Our managers will advise you in the selection of the most attractive car options for your date. As you can imagine, people and their tastes are very different, and their requests are very diverse. Therefore, we are very proud that we have the largest car base. So, you can select the most optimal option.
With us, you get significant savings in energy and financial resources. So feel free to contact us!
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