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Houston to Laredo: A Complete Guide


This guide will be a great help to explore your trip in the best way when you’re traveling from Houston to Laredo

Laredo is a city on the Mexican border in southern Texas. The republic of the Rio Grande Museum chronicles the short-lived independent nation, which displays local culture and history. Today the Lerado is home to one of the oldest crossing points along the Mexico-United States border. It’s also the nation’s largest inland port of entry. This is the most important trade border crossing of Latin America, which enabled it to grow and specialize in the international trade business.

Traveling distance & Duration

  • By plane: flight distance from Houston to Laredo is 301 miles and 484 kilometers. The estimated flight time is 1 hour 4 minutes. It takes 2+ flights in a day from Houston to Laredo.
  • By road: it’s 350 miles or 563 km, which takes approximately 5 hours and 10 minutes by car.

Climate of Laredo

The climate of Laredo is sub-tropical, with a mild winter and a very long, sweltering, hot, and muggy summer.

Best time to go

According to a survey, June, July, and December are the busiest months for tourism in Laredo. Prices for flights and hotels are more expensive in these months. Tourists are unlikely to visit here in October; at this time, you can visit with a less expensive budget.

5 unknown facts of Laredo

These are some hidden facts about visiting from Houston to Laredo that outsiders don’t know about this city. 

·       Laredo was known as the Republic of the Rio Grande

It eventually grew from a small village into the capital city of the independent Republic of the Rio Grande.

·       The only city to fly under seven flags

While most Texans known about the six flags but the Laredo is the only city to have seven flags. The seventh flag represents the short-lived Republic of the Rio Grande.

·       Longest Running golf tournament in the nation

Olympics are a big deal in Laredo. The birder Olympics continues to be an annual event that coincides with Texas Independence Day.

·       The first city to have three types of Kingfishers

The ultimate amazon Kingfisher was first spotted at Zacate Creek in 2010. Nearly 1000 birders came out to spot the little beauty within 10 days of the sighting. Birds like Kingfisher are unique to this area.

·       Laredo has a digital Planetarium

Opened in 2005, the planetarium with its four-sided glass pyramid creates a fully immersive and this world. The best part about that is, it can show the view from any part of the known universe.

Best Outdoor Activities when visiting from Hosuton to Laredo   

1.   Mall del Norte

Mall De Norte is one of the biggest malls in Texas, with over 160 stores and a chain of great restaurants.

2.   Lake Casa Blanca

This RV park delivers spacious level sites, many with a view of the lake. The road in the park are paved, so there are many miles for safe riding bicycles, hiking trails, fishing wharf, and boating offer additional hours of relaxation.

3.   The outlet Shops at Laredo

You can shop, eat and just walk here. So many savings and great deals all in one place. Best place to knock the list of your family desires. Enjoy your best Chinese meal at the best restaurant in Mall.

4.   San Agustin Catholic Cathedral

If you are into history and admire beautiful artistic ornate decorative murals and objects. Then you will enjoy visiting the San Agustin Cathedral.

5.   San Augustin Plaza

It is the colonial Latin American-style plaza lined with some of the biggest attractions of Laredo. A nice park to come across and sit down and relax on a hot day. There is also a nice gazebo-ish structure in the middle of the plaza.

6.   Slaughter Nature Park

At first sight, it could be a regular city park with a baseball field and a playground for kids. But if you walk through all this, you can find the nature trails are full of trees and green areas. An interesting idea lace to be and take the photo that you will save as a memory from when you visited From Houston to Laredo.

7.   Imaginarium of South Texas

Located in Mall del Norte, you can take a break with your kids. while they can explore the fun and interactive exhibits, more than only shopping. Another good thing about that the ticket is valid for the whole day.

8.   TAMIU Planetarium

This fantastic place offers unique entertainment. You get to lay back and relax, enjoying the music and visual effects. It’s a fun way to beat the heat, great for family too.

9.   Cavalry Catholic cemetery

Unfortunately, all we would need is it eventually. This is the best place to find your lost loved ones. The cemetery was covered in beautiful flowers. We can place more flowers at graves.

10.               Zaragoza Street

 It seems like you are in another country. A real old-world feel with all of the Saturday traffic. The narrow street is lined with old and interesting buildings. There is a couple of museum on this street; you can see the border of Mexico from here.

Best restaurants to visit

You can visit these top-ranked restaurants to cringe your hunger with beef, chicken, sirloin, mixed fajitas, and grilled to perfection. Here you can taste Laredo’s special 

bean & cheese, bean & chorizo, chicharron and Michoacan Mexican food.

  • San Telmo Argentinean Steakhouse
  • Palenque Grill Loop 20
  • EI capataz
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Border Foundry Restaurant and Bar
  • Tabernilla
  • Taquitos Ravi Restaurant
  • Olive Garden Italian Restaurant
  • The Tack Room Bar & Grill
  • Scratch Family Company

Crime and safety situation

The U.S. Department of State has assessed Nuevo Laredo as being a CRITICAL-threat location for crime directed at or affecting official U.S. government interests.

Best Transportation  

Many people use public transport, buses, and trains especially go from Houston to Laredo in their daily routine. But if you are planning to visit with your family, you should use your personal car to get the full adventure of your journey. Stay at new places to explore more memories. If you don’t have a car, you should use the Chauffeur Rental Car service. It’s the best mode of transportation from city to city at any time.

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