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Do you want to arrange your next tour from Houston to Amarillo and want to know more details? Then you are at the right place. Here we will try to explain the relevant information to make your tour interesting and easy. So, let’s start with the history of the city.

History of the city

The city name was adopted in 1892 when the city was incorporated. Amarillo means “yellow” in Spanish, referred to by the yellow banks of nearby Amarillo Lake. It was the first city of Texas, built in 1913. It is the fifth city in the nation to adopt a city commission of government. In 1918, natural gas was discovered in the Texas panhandle, and in 1921 Oil was discovered in this area.

Distance from Houston

It’s 599 miles and 946 km from Houston to Amarillo.
By road: it takes 8 hours 50 min by road to travel from Houston to Amarillo.
By Plane: the distance from Amarillo to Houston by Plane is 517 miles. The flight time is 1 hour 46 minutes.

Average Weather condition

Amarillo’s summers are hot and mostly clear, while the winters are short, intense cold, dry, and partly cloudy.
Spring and autumn offer comfortable temperatures, sunny skies, and fewer visitors. It makes the time best for visiting Houston to Amarillo with family and friends.

Interesting facts

These are some interesting unknown facts about Amarillo, which maybe you don’t know.

  • Amarillo is known as the home to the largest canyon within the state of Texas.
    • The city has an average daily production of water is 40-50 million US gallons.
    • It is one of the most important shipping points in the nation.
    • The Rick husband airport has the third largest runway in the world.
    • The rick husband runway was designed as a landing site for the space shuttle.
    • Amarillo is the home of steak Ranch which is world-famous for serving the 72-ounce giant steak.
    • Amarillo received snow with a recorded temperature of 35 degrees.
    • The super hit film “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” was filmed in Amarillo.
    • Moreover, this city is known as the Helium House as it supplies gas all around the world.
    • It is the home of Pantex, the only nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility in the country.

How to explore Amarillo

Explore is a verb that means “to travel in or through”. When you explore a new place, you want to see interesting things and get to know about the place and people. So, these tips help you to explore a new place in the best possible way.

  • Don’t plan every second
  • Enjoy your time at the airport
  • Explore by foot
  • Stop by local community events
  • Meander through a Museum
  • Visit a Social Hub
  • Treat yourself to a local restaurant
  • Visit a local Market
  • Go to the libraries and café
  • Listen to Live music

Famous places to visit during your travel from Houston to Amarillo

This small and unassuming city in the high plains of West Texas holds some surprising treats for the visitors. Here you can visit a lot of museums of history and art.

• Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum

It is the largest history museum in Texas, offers a glimpse of Texas History from the Age of Dinosaurs to modern times. Therefore, it regularly hosts special exhibitions.

• American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum

This famous museum is a tribute to the horse that settled and shaped the American West. It focuses on the story of the quarter Horse and the people behind them. The building itself is an impressive piece of craftsmanship.

• Amarillo Museum of Art

This museum of art is located on the campus of Amarillo College, open for the public free of charge. It has a huge collection of art from around the world or from far East. Moreover, it displays many photos, painting from early and mid-century American Modernists, and sculptures of Buddhist and Hindu Pieces.

• Jack Sisemore Traveland RV museum

This free attraction showcases the vast range of vintage vehicles, old motorcycles, and artifacts. It also showcases old-style drive-through restaurants and retro gas stations.

• Amarillo Zoo

A glimpse of exotic wildlife in a pleasant afternoon makes the outing perfect. There you can see many wild animals like lions, tigers, foxes, bear kangaroos, and monkeys. In addition, irresistibly cute miniature horses and donkeys, different reptiles, amphibians, and a variety of snakes are also available here.

• Amarillo Botanical gardens


These gardens are famous for their stunning silver and glass diamond-shaped conservatory that dominates the grounds. The gardens are lit up in a kaleidoscope of colors, during the Christmas season. So, this is a fun place to visit after sunset to see this fascinating place full of flora and colors.

• Downtown Amarillo


Downtown is in the Revitalizing process. Here you find a combination of old and new buildings; both are intriguing. The former 1927 and Fisk building which is now ranked in top Amarillo’s hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott are the few historical places of Amarillo. Therefore, you must visit this place during your Houston to Amarillo visit.

• Wonderland Amusement Park


Finally, Wonderland Amusement Park. This Park is one of the best things to do for families in Amarillo. Roller coasters, including the Texas tornado and the Mouse Trap, will have you screaming in fear or delight. Moreover, other fun things are mini golf, bumpers cars, and several less intense amusement rides for kids.

Famous local food and restaurants

Beef barbecue and steaks are the best-known food of Amarillo Farther south. Here you can explore these top-ranked local restaurants to cringe your hunger.

1. Coyote Bluff Café: split amazing burgers and fries in a lot of taste.

2. Tyler’s Barbeque: here, you can explore the best American brisket and sauced barbeque, meat platters, and many more.

3. Fire Slice Pizzeria: tastes the best pizza in town. This place is fire with green Chile Cheeseburger and honey bomb with pies.

4. EI Bracero Mexican Grill: it is the best-grilled fish tacos in town. It offers the perfect combination of salsa, crunchy chips, and thin queso.

5. The Plaza Restaurant: here, you can enjoy their best homemade tortillas and beer cheese queso.

Is downtown Amarillo safe to visit?

Many ask this question while visiting this city. It is very mandatory to know about the safety and crime rates of a city to ensure your safety.
Yes, Amarillo is a safe place to visit. However, street crimes and petty theft is not a major concern here.

The best mode of transportation from Houston to Amarillo

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Furthermore, you can book your ride on your phone at our website and call the customer care service to get all information about any query.

We aim to make your journey safe and happy. So, book your car with us and enjoy your trips!

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