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Everything You Want to Know About. William Hobby Airport

Everything You Want to Know About. William Hobby Airport

 William P. Hobby Airport is a civilian airport located in Houston, Texas, United States. Founded in 1927, it served as the city’s main airport until the Houston Intercontinental Airport opened in 1969. Currently, its area is 5.3 square km and has four runways, allowing to receive aircraft of any class.
In 2010, William P. Hobby Airport served almost 9 million passengers. Moreover, there is only one main terminal building with 26 boarding gates, of which 17 are operated by Southwest Airlines.

The following airlines also operate regular flights from Hobby Airport:

  • AirTran Airways,
  • JetBlue Airways,
  • Vision Airlines,
  • And Southwest Airlines and others.

Currently, William Hobby Airport operates flights to the main destinations –

  • Albuquerque,
  • Atlanta,
  • Austin,
  • Baltimore,
  • Birmingham,
  • Boston,
  • Charleston (South Carolina),
  • Charlotte,
  • and Chicago.

HOU is expanding its facilities day by day. So, it is planning to introduce more flights for people shortly.

William Hobby Airport Services

It offers travelers comfortable waiting rooms, pharmacies, Internet access, security checkpoints, exchange offices, and luggage storage.

In addition, at the airport, passengers are provided with many facilities. For example, post office, payphones, currency exchange terminals, ATMs, and Wi-Fi network works without restrictions. Guests of the Airport will not stay hungry – cafes and restaurants with varied cuisine are open around the clock. During the wait for the flight, you can buy the necessary things or buy souvenirs in numerous shops.

HOU is ready to help its guest in all possible cases. Suppose you want to get any information about the current or upcoming flights. In that case, you can contact on the phone number or check the official website.

Passengers and accompanying persons can request special services in the VIP sector. Meanwhile, waiting for the flight takes place in an atmosphere of superior comfort. Moreover, the service team undertakes all the hassle of baggage delivery, check-in, and hand cargo protection.

At William Hobby Airport, a personal meeting service is available at the gangway, including escorting passengers to the VIP room, where greeters are already waiting. However, in the case of a transfer, luggage will be sent directly to its destination.

Some Questions (FAQs) about William Hobby Airport

Here we will discuss some questions that many people ask. So, with the help of these questions and answers, you will get a lot of information about this airport. Let’s discuss in detail:

How far is William Hobby Airport (HOU) from the city center?
William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) is located 2.28 km from the city center.

On average, how many flights depart from William Hobby Airport (HOU) each day?
On average, William P. Hobby Airport (HOU) has 28 flights per day.

What are the popular domestic flights?

Popular flights from William Hobby Airport (HOU) include:

  • Firstly, Houston⇒Los Angeles,
  • Secondly, Houston⇒Chicago,
  • Thirdly, Houston⇒Atlanta,
  • Fourthly, Houston⇒New York,
  • Fifthly, Houston⇒New York,
  • Sixthly, Houston⇒Boston,
  • Seventhly, Houston⇒Las Vegas,
  • Eighty, Houston⇒Miami,
  • Ninthly, Houston⇒New Orleans,
  • and Houston⇒Denver


More details are available on the official website of HOU

What are the famous William Hobby Airport (HOU) international flights?

There are many flights, for instance:

• Houston⇒Seoul,

• Houston⇒Cancun,

• Houston⇒San Juan,

• Houston⇒Toronto,

• Houston⇒Frankfurt,

• Houston⇒Belize City,

• Houston⇒Hangzhou,

• Houston ⇒Mexico

• Houston⇒Pekin,

• and Houston⇒Calgary



William P. Hobby Airport has one terminal with two concourses (domestic and international) and 30 gates overall. The non-domestic concourse opened on October 15, 2015. On the other hand, the domestic, which has various retail restaurants and shops, opened in 2003 and replaced the original three concourses dating back to the 1950s. Moreover, it also includes an interfaith chapel. 

So, Hobby Airport became the first airport in Texas In February 2020 to introduce a complete biometric exit and entry for passengers traveling internationally.

Some hotels near William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)

Near William Hobby Airport, there are such hotels as:

  • Quality Inn Hobby Airport (1.57 km.),
  • Super 8 By Wyndham Houston Hobby Airport North (1.62 km.),
  • Hilton Garden Inn Houston Hobby Airport (2.05 km.),
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Houston Hobby Airport (2.06 km.),
  • Hampton Inn Houston-Hobby Airport (2.21 km.),
  • Hampton Inn Houston Hobby Airport Hotel (2.21 km.),
  • Holiday Inn Houston Hobby Airport (2.26 km.),
  • And Best Western Plus Hobby Airport Inn and Suites (2.3 km.),

So, you can see the above list and position on the map of Houston hotels near Houston Airport. After landing at the airport of arrival, the first thing that passengers care about is what kind of transport to get to the hotel. If you need to get from William Hobby Airport to the city center or other cities or resorts nearby, you will also need transport.

Now, you may be thinking about which type of transport is suitable for you. In short, you have multiple options here, for example, by bus, taxi, and black car service. But the most convenient, time and the money-saving option is choosing a chauffeur service.

(HOU) Airport Transportation Services

William Hobby Airport (HOU) is located 2.28 km from the city center. The airport receives all types of airlines on its runways every day and all year round. Although the airport is modern and comfortable, tourists need transport to go to the hotel and other places. So, what is the faster and more convenient way to do this?

to go to the hotel and other places. So, what is the faster and more convenient way to do this?

 Lavish Rides offers a chauffeur service in Houston and other cities. With just 2 minutes of booking, they will enjoy a hassle-free trip from the airport to their hotel or other destinations. The convenient service has been popular with residents of Houston and surrounding areas for over 7 years.

In addition, rest in Houston means sightseeing, trips to the nearby cities, and outings to nature. So, renting a car in Houston will help to effectively solve all travel-related issues.

  • As soon as you get off the plane, you will quickly and comfortably reach your destination without worrying about the fate of your luggage.
  • Renting will help you save your vacation budget and time limit. Therefore, you do not have to spend money on an expensive taxi or waste hours in minibusses with transfers.
  • And you will not depend on the bus schedule, take a queue in the heat, and then, perhaps, also go while standing.

Let’s Sum Up

To conclude, we can say that renting a car from William Hobby Airport (HOU) to travel to any corner of Houston is a profitable and easy alternative to any other type of transport. So, choose our service and make your travel comfortable. Moreover, if you have any questions and confusion regarding our services, feel free to contact us. Our team is ready to help you 24/7. 

So, don’t invest time and money in other options. Select Lavish Ride. We are here to provide you with maximum comfort.

Enjoy Your Travel!

Have a nice day!

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