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Skip the Uber. Hire a Black Car Service in Houston, Instead

The gig economy has taken some of the finesse out of modern life. Instead of taking a sleek, qualified car service to the airport, you could end up in any car with any driver. 

You’ll probably get to the airport, but there’s a lack of quality assurance. 

As rideshare companies gain popularity, you might feel frustrated if you’re looking for a more premium option. Especially if you have clients in town or need a driver who knows the Houston area.

Here’s the good news: 

There are still professional black car services in Houston. Choose a company that treats you as a priority and provides you with top-notch service. Lavish Ride offers personal chauffeurs, a plethora of vehicles to choose from, and 24/7 availability. 

Read on to learn more about why you should upgrade your ride, including:

  • How rides have changed in the last decade 
  • The disadvantages of choosing rideshare 
  • The advantages of a private chauffeur
  • Why you should hire a black car service in Houston

The Ride Service Landscape

Ridesharing has been around for more than a decade. Since then, other car services like taxis have felt the shift, with some going out of business

Pew Research reports 36% of adults in the United States used a ride share service in 2018 — more than doubling the 15% of 2015. 

But as ridesharing is becoming more popular, it isn’t meeting every rider’s needs.

Some users still want high-end services like private chauffeurs. According to IBISWorld, the taxi and limousine service industry saw 9.1% growth from 2015 to 2020

The Disadvantages of Rideshare

Though some users find rideshare more convenient, it is far from perfect. 

Surge pricing spikes the price of rides during peak hours. Taking a client to dinner becomes more complicated if prices skyrocket for an in-demand time slot.

If you’re calling for car service to the airport with a rideshare application, prepare for confusion as airports struggle to figure out how to handle the congestion. 

Plus, since the rideshare model is built with the labor of gig workers, there is a wide variation in the quality of the driver you get. While some people take it seriously and offer great service, you always run the risk of getting a driver who is rude, late, and unsafe. 

Instead of rolling the dice every time you need a ride, consider calling a black car service in Houston. Choosing a private chauffeur will guarantee a higher level of care. 

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What Makes a Personal Chauffeur Better? 

  • Experience
  • Training
  • Service
  • Knowledge
  • Luxury 
  • Value
  • Business environment 

When you hire a private chauffeur, you’re hiring a professional driver instead of someone who drives as a side hustle. 

Chauffeurs have been vetted and trained by their companies, meaning they’re safer, qualified drivers who are licensed and insured. They come dressed to impress in a sharp uniform and are always polite, punctual, and friendly. 

They also have knowledge that extends past a GPS application if you need advice on the local area.

A personal chauffeur is also committed to providing you with excellent service. Chauffeurs know they work for you, so they’ll wait until you’re ready and tailor your drive to fit your preferences. 

If you need transportation for a client, car service to the airport, or a treat for a night out, a private chauffeur adds luxury to your life. And don’t be afraid of a sizable price tag. Many companies offer affordable services that won’t empty your wallet. 

Don’t forget the chic environment a personal chauffeur provides. Instead of the backseat of a family car, you ride in top-of-the-line vehicles. If you’re using a car service en route to a meeting, you’ll be at home in a vehicle that feels like a board room on wheels.


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The Advantages of Ordering a Black Car Service in Houston

Whether heading to NRG Stadium for an Astros game or George Bush International Airport, navigating Houston’s streets requires an experienced driver. 

Hiring a personal chauffeur for an event or car service to the airport takes the stress out of traveling and allows you to kick back and relax. 

Plus, Houston is one of the most established business cities in the country. In 2020, Houston was one of the top 15 cities for Fortune 500 companies. Level up your business dealings with a black car service that will treat you and your clients as first-class. 

Book a Car with Lavish Ride 

Lavish Ride is a black car service in Houston that prides itself on delivering the best service available. 

We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so we’re always here when you need us. We employ personal chauffeurs who are competent drivers with experience and have passed multiple tests to ensure safety and reliability. 

Our fleet of vehicles includes luxury sedans, SUVs, and executive sprinter vans.  We also offer limousines for occasions that call for celebrating in style. 

We know a private chauffeur can seem like an expensive option, but we provide luxury at reasonable prices for our customers. 

Final Thoughts: Why You Should Choose a Black Car Service in Houston 

For those looking for a more qualified car service to the airport or a high-profile business meeting, ordering a black car service in Houston is a better option than rideshare. 

With a professional chauffeur, riders feel like a priority. Qualified drivers offer knowledge and luxury during every experience, all while riding in a sleek black vehicle tailored to suit your needs. 

Book a private chauffeur for every occasion with Lavish Ride. We guarantee excellent drivers and a classy event to remember.  

Do you want a personal chauffeur for your next car service to the airport? Call for a ride with Lavish Ride today.