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Houston town car service

How to arrange a trip with the Houston town car service?

Houston Town Car Service is a considerable saving in time and effort. Now you can enjoy luxurious and stylish days in Houston, visiting the finest locations of your choice in the complete safety and comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle.

There are three tour types: visiting NASA, Downtown Tours, and shopping centers. These are the must-see places for people from all over the world.

How can you visit these places, what are the charges for these services? This article will help you to answer all these questions. But first, let’s discuss how a chauffeur service is different from a Taxi?

Houston Town Car Service is a considerable saving in time and effort. Now you can enjoy luxurious and stylish days in Houston, visiting the finest locations of your choice in the complete safety and comfort of a luxury chauffeured vehicle.

Houston town car service vs. Taxi

Even a VIP taxi is more of a one-time service. Having ordered a cab, you need to wait for it; you cannot choose the type of car allocated to you; in addition, the Houston Town Car Service will not wait for you after a certain event. You can order this service in advance. You can inspect the rich car park of the company, choose a car that suits you in terms of cost and appearance, and rent its service for the time you need. Thus, you can appear at any event in a luxurious car with a comfortable interior and a presentable exterior, which will be driven by a professional driver.

Downtown Tours - Departure & Return

Houston is the biggest and one of the largest cities in the Texas United States. It is a place worth visiting for corporate visitors and tourists alike. Once you’ve arrived at the airport, a professional Houston airport car service is the perfect way to reach your hotel room or meeting place.
You can also use the Houston town car service to explore the sights of one of the most beautiful and bustling cities in the country. You can start your city tour or other tours from your hotel or meet a private guide in a specific part of the city. Tour starting times, vehicles used, tour duration, itinerary and tour content can be customized according to your needs and interests. During your tour, you can visit the Houston Zoo, Toyota center, PNC Stadium, the Houston Space Center, or the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Allow your professional chauffeur to tell you everything you want to know about this exciting city.

Shopping- 8 hours shopping - Departure & Return

Visit the elegant shopping malls of Houston through the best vehicle service.
The fourth-largest city, Houston, in the US, is arguably the style capital of the South. It is famous for a dozen s of distinct shopping areas that run the gamut from vintage to high-end designer.

Which shopping mall must be visited?

 Galleria Mall – 2 Hours.

Visit The Galleria, an elegant shopping mall located in the Uptown District of Houston. It is the most visited and the largest shopping mall in Texas with more than 350 stores and all sorts of retail products from electronic gadgets to clothes and shoes.

 Katy Mall – 2 Hours

Katy Mills is a climate-controlled indoor shopping mall that has over 175 stores featuring a high-fashion line-up. Visit the mall and make your vocations more interesting by booking a top-of-the-line vehicle.

 FREE time downtown


NASA is responsible for the country’s civil space program, as well as for scientific research of air and outer space and scientific and technological research in the field of aviation, aeronautics, and astronautics. You can book a chauffeur service that can pick you from the hotel or airport and help you to visit NASA.

What differentiates Lavish Ride Town Car Service from other companies?

At Houston Town Car Service, we offer the best black car service in town! . Our professional chauffeurs are always on time and courteous. We give you an easy-to-use online booking system so that your convenience is at its finest with us today – no waiting for someone else’s schedule or wondering how they’ll get there if something changes last minute like some other companies might do.

What differentiates Lavish Ride from other companies?
  • New vehicle fleet

New vehicle fleet, In our fleet, there is a mainly new and large selection of cars for rent.

  • Rates

We have affordable prices for Houston town car services with a driver. Personal cars with a driver are equipped with air conditioning, navigators and are completely ready for immediate departure with a guarantee of prompt arrival at the site.

  • Clean vehicles and quality service

When ordering a car with a chauffeur, you will receive it at a strictly specified time. Each vehicle has absolutely complete technical serviceability and is provided in flawless condition.

  • Maintenance

Continuous monitoring of the state of the vehicle fleet. The fastest possible replacement of the car in case of force majeure 

  • Experienced chauffeurs

Experienced and polite drivers with at least eight years of experience who are attentive to passengers and quickly resolve emerging issues. Classical style prevails in the clothes of the employees.

You can order a car rental with a chauffeur, both legal entities and individuals. For both, our company guarantees a respectful approach and high-quality, timely service at affordable prices!

Moreover, with us, it is possible to rent a car with a driver in Houston for all occasions: weddings, anniversaries, meeting a newborn and a mother from a maternity hospital, guests at a train station, or an airport. We also organize business trips, transfers of an increased comfort level.

You, Will, Enjoy a More Luxurious Experience