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Black Car Service vs. Taxicab: Why Black Car Service Houston is the Far Superior Option

Houston Black car service

So you have a plan to travel to Houston? You are probably torn between hiring a taxi and using a black car service Houston for your transportation needs. Both these modes of transport are popular among travelers. However, experienced travelers will tell you that a black car service Houston just about edges a taxi cab. So, what are the outstanding features that make black car service so superior? Read this post to find out more.

Black Car Service is the more Reliable Option

Taxis are great for people who want to travel without a plan. They are always available and you can hail for one in an instant. However, they aren’t half as reliable as the black car service. For instance, you cannot count on them to get you to your destination on time. If you have an appointment for which you cannot be late, you would be much better off hiring a black car service. These vehicles make it their point to arrive at the agreed-upon pick-up point on time and take you to your intended destination. With these cars, you will not need to wait forever or even face the risk of arriving late. Black car service becomes even more critical when you have an event where you have to arrive early, for instance, a business appointment.

Greater Vehicle Variety

With a taxicab, the range of vehicles on offer is quite limited. Indeed, you may not even have options to choose from. Taxis are the same all over, and they have little or no flexibility at all. In case you need to travel with your colleagues or friends, you won’t have the luxury to choose a bigger vehicle. The only other alternative is to hire more taxis, which can become quite expensive.

On the other hand, a black car service Houston offers a wide variety of cars to meet all types of travel needs. You can easily find the right option even if you need more space for your passengers. For instance, you could go for a minivan or an SUV if you require more boot space and legroom.

They Charge Fixed Price

Another reason why black car service is miles ahead of a regular taxicab is when it comes to their pricing modes. With a taxi, the price usually varies according to mileage. This means that you don’t know beforehand what you are going to be charged. It also varies with peak and off-peak times. For instance, you will generally be charged more expensively if you stop for some time en route.

Bu with a black car service, the charges are fixed and not dependent on other factors like distance or time of the day. You will know in advance the total cost of traveling on a black car service. This allows you to plan well and avoid any shocks while on the road.

More Additional Services

The limitations of taxis as a mode of transport are many. One of the main ones is that you only get to use the vehicle and nothing else. However, when you opt for a black car service, you also enjoy additional services. For one, these vehicles are superbly maintained and fitted with the latest amenities to make your travel the most memorable it can be. Wi-Fi capability is just one of these features, and it ensures you don’t get bored throughout the journey. Also, these vehicles have sockets to ensure your phone doesn’t run out of battery even when you are on the road. Other black car service companies will even offer clients refreshments and other things that make travel more comfortable.

Great Customer Service

Another point of departure between taxis and black car services is the level of customer service offered. With a taxi, you have a random guy transporting you from point A to point B. But for black car service companies, it’s not just taking you to your preferred destination. These companies invest a lot in training their drivers to offer the most professional services.

They have a 24-hour support system to enable you to reach them at any time. If you need to change your traveling plans as soon as possible, you can always be sure that someone will be on the other end to pick your call. Their staff is professionally trained to work with all types of clients. The idea is to ensure that clients get the best experience while on the road.

Unforgettable First Impression

Imagine you have an important business meeting and you arrive in a taxi! What will your clients think of you! Fortunately, hiring a black car service helps you to avoid this embarrassment. Sleek, comfortable, and clean, black car service oozes class from every angle. These vehicles will make you travel in luxury and style. This is even more important when you want to strike business deals with your clients.

Safety is Guaranteed

Because these cars are properly maintained and regularly taken for checks, the chances of breakdowns are minimized. Also, these cars are always new or in top conditions which reduce risks of mechanical failures.

But this cannot be said about a taxi. Sure, the owners know about the importance of regular maintenance. However, you cannot be sure that the vehicles are in top shape. If you want a guarantee of safety, black car service emerges tops by miles. You can always be sure that they got your back.


There is no competition between a black car service and a taxicab. On the surface of it, the former might appear to be cheaper. However, if you look at it on the grand scale of things, you realize that a black car service is way the better option.

If you want personalized service that guarantees safety and provides a great first impression, you should choose a Lavish Ride black car service all day. It also offers unparalleled customer service that makes it outdo taxicab in almost all facets and is the easy choice for most people.