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A brief comparison between wedding Vintage cars and Modern cars

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With so many lists to organize and so many important decisions to make for your wedding, sometimes, some things as little as ‘deciding a wedding car’ can seem such a gigantic decision to make. People often get confused on whether to hire a bridal car or not? And then whether to choose a classic wedding vintage car or a modern car to roll into your wedding entrance?

A wedding day is one of the most exquisite days in our lives. It is associated with immense pleasure, unique experiences, and beautiful memories that greatly impact the rest of your life. People tend to go a little EXTRA on their big day, and they are not to be blamed for that. After all, who doesn’t want this day to be a beautiful memory to look back at in your 80’s, wink wink!

To help our audience decide what’s best for them, today’s article is about wedding cars; all the factors to bear in mind and a brief comparison of both offers.

Important factors to consider before choosing a wedding car

1.   Make sure you and your partner are on the same page:

No matter which car you choose, the most important thing about a wedding car is that it should perfectly reflect your relationship and your big day theme. The foremost thing is that you and your partner are on the same page when choosing between a wedding vintage car and the modern car.

2.   Check your timings and plan accordingly:

Before hiring the wedding car service, make sure that you are certain about the timings that you will require the wedding car for. If you are having church service, you will need the car to take you to the venue for a photo-shoot once you arrive. Moreover, most companies start per-booking on popular weekends. So make sure you contact them early and don’t face disappointment, especially on your wedding day.

3.   A wedding car should complement your wedding theme:

Modern weddings mostly go for modern themes and colors. Hiring a modern wedding car is much better than a wedding vintage car. It goes with your modern wedding theme and makes it more colorful. Therefore, classic cars might also be a good pick. But again, it all depends on your theme and preferences.

4.   Know your audience:

A wedding car is all about looks and making the big day more dashing and memorable. If you are from a place where people prefer modernity over classicism, going with a wedding vintage car might be not something you want. Sometimes it is better to go off the trends. But risking your big day, especially when the odds are against you isn’t something very clever.

5.   Never forget the bridal party:

In the excitement of planning your special day, you are very likely to commit mistakes like forgetting about your VIPs, including your parents and bridesmaids. They would also have to be transported to the venue, so keeping in mind the number of cars you will need is very important.

Vintage VS Modern wedding cars

Vintage cars:

Wedding vintage cars reflect an aura of romanticism, classism, and traditionalism. Choosing a wedding vintage car can go a long way in creating the fantasy wedding you have always dreamed of.

Vintage cars have been used as a symbol of royalty for weddings and other big occasions for ages and continue to inspire people in shaping big events.

Among the wedding vintage cars, Bentley and Rolls Royce continue to be the most popular choice among young couples.

Why you should choose them?

Besides their royal and supreme vibe, vintage cars have a classic and antique interior. They are mainly designed to drive the royals, and who wouldn’t like to look royal on their wedding day!

Modern cars:

People who fancy modern technology and advancement would definitely want their big day to reflect that. The latest car designs offer an upgraded air-conditioning system, navigation system, comfortable seating, and appealing designs. The foremost plus point of choosing a modern wedding car is that it comes in an extensive range of designs to choose from.

Why should you choose a modern wedding car?

Modern wedding cars have gained massive recognition among couples in recent past years. This happened because of their sleek and distinctive features. People wish to hire luxurious cars on their wedding days because they make a very unique and stylish appearance. They are trendy and comes with more features, that’s why they fascinate more people

So which car is better?

Both types of cars are ideal in their own ways. It all depends on the style and preferences of people. The wedding vintage cars are suitable for people who like to keep their wedding simple and retrospective. Whereas for people who like following the latest trends and want to look lavish and stylish on their big day, the modern wedding cars are the best fit.

To sum up, modern weddings cars are better than vintage cars because lately, they have gained massive popularity for their lavish wedding photoshoots and designs. The vintage cars were more popular a decade ago, but the bold and fascinating modern designs have taken over now. If you are spending lavishly on your wedding and want to have the best in return, we suggest going for a black wedding car.

Lavish Ride is the best company that offers modern black wedding car rental services with a name in the industry. If you want to plan big on your wedding day, hiring their latest modern wedding cars, all painted black, will make the biggest day of your life a fairy tale.

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