Lavish Ride

Your personal guide to what limo service includes!

Limousine, as the royal name itself speaks, is one of those cars which comes through as everyone’s dream vehicle. Since this plush car is ideal in appearance both in and out, each person who gets to travel in it even once in his lifetime finds it completely impossible to let go of all that he is acquired while being on the journey. From professional chauffeur service to enticing interiors, all that this car consists of is so well planned and ideally fitted, that the passengers who get to deboard it, take an exit with wanting this ride so much more.

In case you are one of those people who have not experienced what it feels to be in this car, here is your personal guide to what this service consists of. Knowing all these features will not only help you in enjoying your first ride to the maximum possible limit but will also give you insights into how you can make use of it extensively:

  • Limousine understands time management very well and hence holds the ability to proffer youprompt journeys no matter what. For this, the provider makes sure that the car is sent to the passenger’s doorstep a few minutes in advance so that the journey can commence without making any delays.
  • The sight of a plush limousine waiting outside your doorstep will be enough to give you goosebumps, but just when you will try to board this matchless vehicle, the chauffeur will hold the door open for you to give you VIP treatment.
  • Mostly all limousines consist of leather upholsteries so that the passengers can acquire a very smooth and soft couch for their seating arrangement.
  • Apart from what you get to sit on, the interiors of the vehicle will seem so enticing to you, that it will arrest your eye attention right when you will enter it.
  • The vehicle consists of a mini bar with a complimentary ice chest. Just in case you wish to drink during your journey and you have already acquired the permission for it, you are free to use it as per your requirement and need.
  • Limo ceilings are the finest you will ever find in any vehicle. Perfectly fitted with LED lights, they offer you an ambience, hard to resist and forget.
  • You are free to carry your playlist and play it in the car with the help of the music system already suffused within the car.

Are you looking forward to your first limo ride? Let this be remarkable and memorable. Get in touch with us at Lavish Ride to plan it in the finest manner ever. Call today to book or reserve.