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Etiquette tips every limo passenger must follow!

Riding a luxury vehicle like that of a limousine is an exciting experience, one should not miss taking into consideration, whenever an opportunity arises. But while it is important to have complete fun and enjoyment on the ride when journeying in a lavish vehicle, it is at the same time also your responsibility to keep in mind that the car you are moving in is not owned by you. You as a passenger need to be careful and attentive at all times to not harm or damage the vehicle in any way.

Here are certain etiquette tips you should follow as a limo passenger to make the most of your journey:

  • Do not forget to make the service know about your special requests. Just in case you want to drink or smoke in the vehicle, the same must be mentioned to the team during the time of booking so they know what will you be up to while journeying. Since a lot of services do not allow such activities on board, they will inform you about it the moment you mention so that you do not get charged extra later.
  • Do not keep moving inside the limousine or fighting for seats. The best way to get settled in to sit on the first seat and then get slid to the one you think is most appropriate for you. While this mannerism needs to be followed for sitting, do not forget to be settled till the car stops or you will get hurt while trying to move out. Do not try to get ready to get off the car when it is still moving or it can cause trouble for you and the other passengers. You will get plenty of time to get off, so wait for it and enjoy the last minutes of your journey extensively.
  • Make sure you pay respect to the chauffeurs all the time. Listen to them if they try to explain to you a rule or regulation. Since all their requests and orders will be for your own benefit, hear them carefully and apply immediately to seek benefits.
  • Do not get too drunk on board. It is better to stay calm even if you get high so that you do not get out of the sunroof and hurt yourself. Do not try to play with the interiors of the vehicle or you might damage it in a sloshed state.

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