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Luxurious Car Symbols

Every day many luxurious cars pass by us, each of which bears on its radiator grill the family mark – the luxurious car symbols. But have you ever wondered why the creators of car companies chose this particular combination of letters, numbers, and symbols? If not, then it’s time to learn more about it.

Luxurious Car Symbols

So, without wasting much time, let’s start explaining luxurious car symbols.

1.    Acura luxurious car symbol

The Japanese company Acura by automotive standards, was formed quite recently, therefore the symbol of the brand does not have any ancient history. The brand logo is stylized under the letter “A,” and its appearance resembles a caliper. Styling for this device was chosen for a reason. A caliper is used for the most accurate measurements, which should highlight the technical excellence of Acura vehicles.

2.   Alfa Romeo 

The symbol of the Italian company Alfa Romeo has a much more ancient and entertaining history. One part of the logo is a red cross on a white background. This element has long been depicted on the coat of arms of the city of Milan, from where it was borrowed by the artist Romano Cattaneo, who at one time received an order to develop the logo of the Milan car company ALFA.

The second part is a snake devouring a man, which is an exact copy of the coat of arms of the Visconti dynasty. Over time, the Alfa Romeo emblem has changed slightly, but these two elements have remained unchanged at all times.

3.    Aston martin

The eagle wings, which are the emblem of the British company Aston Martin, were chosen as the brand’s symbol in 1927. The founders of Aston Martin originally expected to produce high-speed cars, so the stylized wings of one of the fastest birds on our planet came in handy.

4.   Audi

The Audi logo is very popular among luxurious car symbols. The famous rings of the German company Audi were presented to the world in 1932. The four rings marked a close relationship between Audi, Horch, DKV, and Wanderer, which were united in the Auto Union automobile union. After the end of the war, almost all the companies that were part of the union ceased to exist, but they still did not forget about the four intertwined rings. They became the emblem of cars produced by Audi, which was revived in 1965.

5.   Bentley

The winged symbol is not unique to Aston Martin. A large B can also be seen on the emblems of British luxury limousine maker Bentley. As conceived by the creators, this car emblem was supposed to emphasize the speed, power, and independence of Bentley cars.

6. BMW luxurious car symbol

The emblem of the BMW company, which is a circle divided into four equal sectors, has an aviation past since the history of the creation of the BMW concern is directly related to the production of aircraft and aircraft engines. The logo of the German company resembles the rotating propeller blades of an airplane, and the corporate blue and white colors are chosen in honor of the Bavarian flag, which is dominated by these colors.

7. Bugatti

The founders of the French company Bugatti chose a pearl-shaped oval for the emblem of their company, which is framed by sixty small pearls around the perimeter. Inside the oval are the initials of Ettore Bugatti, who founded the famous French company, and the word Bugatti.

8. Chevrolet

But the history of the creation of the Chevrolet symbol is much more prosaic. According to one version, a similar cross on the wallpaper in a hotel room was seen by William Durant, who founded an American company named after the automotive engineer Louis Chevrolet.

According to another version, the butterfly cross was drawn by Durant at lunch. One way or another, but this famous car emblem has been used for decades and has become recognizable all over the world.

9. Chrysler

The emblem of the American company Chrysler was originally a five-pointed star inscribed in a pentagon. This logo had to reflect precision and craftsmanship. But then, the management of the company thought that the famous pentagon was outdated and did not reveal the ideology of the brand. Now, instead of it, the winged emblem has appeared on Chrysler cars, and dynamism and modernity have replaced precision and craftsmanship.

10. Citroen

The famous “herringbone” from the French company Citroen is actually a schematic representation of the teeth of a chevron wheel. It was with their release that the founder of the French company Andre Citroen began his ascent to the heights of the automotive industry.

11. Honda

And the creator of the Honda company, Koichiro Honda, limited himself to the capital letter of the company name, which has been flaunting on Honda cars for many years.

12. Suzuki

The Japanese company Suzuki depicts the letter “S”, which is the capital letter of the surname of the founder of the Japanese company Michio Suzuki.

13. Hyundai

The letter “H” written in italics is also on the emblem of the Korean company Hyundai. But the Koreans themselves assure that this is not only the first letter in the name of the company but also a kind of symbol of people holding hands, which should emphasize the desire of the Korean company for mutually beneficial cooperation with its partners.

Let’s Sum Up

These were some famous luxurious car symbols. If you want to hire a luxurious car for your meeting, wedding, graduation party, anniversary, or any other special occasion, feel free to contact us. We would provide you with the best black car service in Houston.

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