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What Is The Best Time To Travel To Houston?

What is the Best Time To Travel To Houston? Do you need the answer to this question? Then you are at the right place. In this blog post, we will try to provide you with the best details about the best time to visit Houston.

Houston is a Texan travel destination, a vast city, and has surprising points. It has outstanding architecture and plenty of art and cultural attractions. Filled with world-class dining, arts, hotels. Houston is ranked among the metropolitan cities of the U.S because of its unique attractions, beautiful culture, and dining style. Houston makes a great destination with a direct flight from America.

Moreover, Houston is known for its high heat and humidity. The temperature of Houston varies from 60 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Many people go somewhere else to escape the heat of Houston in the summers, but winters are chilly. It rarely has snowfall in winters. The weather in Houston can also be unpredictable. The highest temperature in summers and winters is almost 34 degrees Celsius and 16° C in winters, respectively.

Houston has an oceanic climate as there is rainfall all month of the year. Summer is the worst time to visit Houston as summers are hot and suffocating.

This article will thoroughly guide you about the best time to travel to Houston so you can plan to travel to this city.

What to visit in Houston, Texas?

Houston is a major attraction due to its institution, galleries, museum, entertainment, and industries. Museum District, Rice University District, the Astrodome, Montrose, and the Galleria are the most visiting point of Houston.

Fast climate facts:

Honest month: 

  • August
  • Wettest month: July
  • Coldest month: January

Best time to travel to Houston?

The best time to travel to Houston is between February and April. Anyone can visit Houston during the fall months, September to November. Furthermore, many festivals are arranged for visitors to enjoy during this time because the weather is pleasant. We are discussing the details below about the seasons of Houston, average temperature, and the events per annum in Houston, so you can plan to visit this metropolitan city whenever you want.

Spring in Houston:

Spring is the best season to visit Houston as there are many outdoor activities in Texas like camping, hiking, fishing, etc. Travelers can also enjoy the food in this season. The famous events of Houston, I.e., the Livestock show, are arranged in March. March is the best month to visit Houston as it is neither too hot nor too cold. Rainfall starts to increase in April and May. Travelers can experience thunderstorms during the late spring months in Houston.

Spring is delightful in Houston because it is neither hot nor cold. It has an average temperature, and you can enjoy wearing beautiful clothes.

Average temperature:

Following is the average temperature of the spring season of Houston:

  • March: 72 F
  • April: 78 F
  • May: 84 F

Key events:

  • Houston car art parade -April
  • Houston livestock show – February
  • World feast – April.

Summers in Houston:

Summers are hot, humid, and sticky in Houston. July is the most desirable in summers. Houston is called an air-conditioned city as air conditioners are fully functioning in the summers. It is the muggiest city in the USA; there is more sweating. Apart from the pros of summers in Houston, many cons are also present. The main cons are frequent afternoon thunderstorms which include hail.

Summer is not the best choice to visit Houston as it is hot and suffocating, with strong winds and heavy rain.

You can enjoy summers in Houston by wearing light and breathable clothes. But due to its entire air conditioner, you might need to wear sweaters. Never forget sunglasses and sunscreen.

Average temperature:

The average temperature of the summer season is following:

  • June: 90 F
  • July:  92 F
  • August:  93 F

Key events:

  • Pride Houston – June
  • Houston summer jazz- August
  • Shell Freedom over Texas- July

Fall in Houston:

The temperature starts to decrease in September. There is a comfortable temperature in October with a sunny day enough for outdoors. Fall is also a hurricane season. Hurricane season stretches into the fall. Houston is affected by damaging storms in this hurricane season. It is the best time to visit Houston.

September in Houston is still hot, so the clothes should be similar to those in the summers. As time passes, the nights get more relaxed, so it is essential to pack the long-sleeved shirts, jeans, and sweaters for visiting Houston.

Average temperature:

Following is the average temperature of fall:

  • September : 88 F
  • October : 81 F
  • November :  71 F

Key events:

  • The original Greek festival – October
  • HUE Mural Festival- November
  • Dia de Los Muertos festival – October- November

Winters in Houston:

Winter is the best time to visit Houston and enjoy its top places as winters are cold and dry. Snowfall is possible in this season. January is the most incredible month, and the temperature doesn’t go below freezing point. Winter could be the best moment for going on a road trip, where you can visit wineries. Also, many festivals take place in this season. In this, you can easily find the best lodging. It is also an excellent time for Dauphin watching. If you’re not interested in the south coastal beaches, winter is a perfect option to visit Houston.

If you visit Houston between December and February, you should have warm clothes, a pea coat, and a scarf. For warm days, you can wear jeans and blazers.

Average temperature:

Following is the average temperature of the winter season in Houston:

  • December :  63 F
  • January : 62 F
  • February : 65 F

Key events:

  • Zoo lights – mid November to January.

Final thoughts:

Houston is a big metropolitan city with many variations in climate and weather. Houston is well known for its hot temperature and humidity. The best time to travel to Houston is in the spring season, i.e., from February to April, and in the fall season, i.e., from September to November. Moreover, a traveler also experiences mild winters and snowfall in Houston. You could enjoy spring and fall, which is the best time for visiting Houston as there are many festivals to enjoy.

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