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Top 10 Best Coffee Houses In Houston

Wondering where to study or work in Houston, we prepared a list of the best coffee houses in Houston.

Houston is the 4th most extensive and famous city in the U.S. From the museum, parks, BBQ, all kinds of seafood, and free attractions to culinary tours and championship golf, you can plan a fun outing in this city.

Houston is a food city, but it is the low-key paradise of caffeine. Coffee culture is making people excited in Houston. Houston coffee café and shops are providing the best beans and teas. When work from home has lost its charm, coffee houses can change the whole environment. Houston has many excellent coffee shops because big cities demand the best coffee houses so we have the list of the best coffee houses in Houston ready for you.

In this article, we will give you all the details about the best coffee houses in Houston so you can enjoy your coffee while working, studying, and feeling relaxed.

  Top 10 Best Coffee Houses In Houston

The following are the top 10 Best Coffee Houses In Houston:

1.      Boomtown Coffee

When looking for the ideal coffee shop, there are several factors to consider, including the following: ambiance, location, Wi-Fi, menu, service, and froth art. Everything is covered in Boomtown.19th Street, Main Street, and Downtown’s Understory dining hall are all places where you can locate stores nowadays. There are local artists whose work adorns the walls of the coffee house, and the sweets and light meals they provide are out of this world.

Boomtown is the place to go for fantastic espresso and a snack. Specialty coffees like Crüd are excellent options for a high-quality brew (cold brew, espresso, chicory, vanilla, and cream). The Johnny Cash (drip coffee with an espresso shot added in) is the best option if you need a quick pick-me-up.

2.     Agora

Agora is likely to be on any list of Houston coffee shops. The ivy-covered facade, exterior celebrity symbol art, and wood-decorated interior of this Greek-inspired coffee bar make it a Montrose institution. If you’re in the mood for a cup of coffee or an alcoholic beverage, this charming two-story coffee shop has you covered.

Agora’s espresso is a must-try for coffee lovers. The cappuccino was rich and creamy with the right blend of coffee and milk. We suggest it. It’s also possible to get a good assortment of Greek yogurts and cheeses at this restaurant later in the day. Agora can best be described as luxurious if that helps. Their address is 1712 Wertheimer Rd. in Houston.

3.     Blacksmith

The atmosphere at Antidote, which offers coffee and baked products, is optimistic. They greet their guests with a smile and the outside seating area will brighten your day. Antidote’s patio is the perfect place to while away an hour or two on a lovely morning while sipping coffee.

Thanks to caramel prepared from goat’s milk, the drink has a Dulce de lichen flavor. In addition to coffee, Antidote offers a beer and wine list that includes a variety of locally produced beverages. Visiting Antidote for the outside sitting alone is a worthwhile experience. At 729 Stud wood St., they are.

4.     Thoroughgood coffee

With Thoroughgood Coffee, you may get your morning coffee and breakfast in one handy spot. The coffee is excellent, and the menu, albeit limited, offers a perfect selection. The breakfast brisket taco from the on-site taco truck is a particular highlight among the breakfast options. Soulful Coffee Shop uses Amaya Roasting Company’s premium roasted beans to help people live better lives “via good coffee.”

We feel like we got our money’s worth because of the excellent quality of the food and coffee, and the pricing is reasonable. 732 W 27th St. is where you’ll find them if you want to give them a shot.

5.     Catalina Coffee

If you’re in the mood for a cup of joe and are also hungry, Catalina Coffee is the place to go in Houston. Delicious breakfast options abound on the vast menu, many of which come in substantial serving sizes. At Catalina Coffee, you’ll find delicious, freshly brewed coffee as well as inviting seating. At this Washington Avenue hideaway, classic coffee drinks like drips and Café Au Lait are served to perfection.

6.     A 2nd Cup

This charity coffee business is committed to combatting human trafficking here in Houston, raising awareness and funding after-care solutions, cup by cup. Pop into the 11th street joint to grab a caffeine fix and help a good cause. Imbibe in specialty lattes like the “Sweet Tuff” (English toffee mocha), a “Chai Fritz” (double espresso chai), or “Red Baron” (raspberry mocha) along with breakfast and lunch selections offered until 5 pm.

7.     Blacksmith Coffee

Some coffee shops have fantastic cuisine, some have outstanding coffee, but very few have both. Blacksmith is one of those rare times where we left entirely happy. The meal is particularly fantastic, but it’s hard to say it’s better than their coffee because it is also excellent. Whether you want to savor great biscuits for breakfast or need to meet your daily coffee habit, be sure to stop by Blacksmith. The coffee menu follows all the coffee shop basics you expect to find. There aren’t any weird specialty drinks, only standard espresso beverages done to perfection. The only negative of Blacksmith is the price. Both the food and coffee are relatively costly, despite how delicious it all is.

8. Pura Coffee

Pura Coffee is a very bright and happy coffee shop with a welcoming, modern look. The seating space is open and airy, with plenty of tables to accommodate enough people to handle the morning rush. Located in the Memorial/Spring Branch neighborhood, Pura delivers excellent and well-priced coffees and drinks along with biscotti, kulich, croissants, Danishes, and cookies, including vegan and gluten-free options.

9. Retrospect Coffee Bar

This modest coffee shop is housed in one of Houston’s first gas stations – with the station dating back to the 1920s. The renovated building nevertheless maintains vintage appeal. And now, it’s home to Retrospect Coffee Bar’s lattes and crepes instead of gas pumps.

Retrospect’s coffee is supplied from local roasters and is positively fantastic. You may choose a conventional espresso drink or try one of the more intriguing variations, such as the stroopwafel latte. While you’re there, make sure to try one of the breakfast crepes.

10. Cafeza Coffe

Inspired by Barcelona and Buenos Aires cafes, Cafe is a colorful coffee shop with live music and handcrafted churros. The fact that it’s in the First Ward makes it even more unusual. This is a shop that wishes to be part of its community. The bustling restaurant also includes live performances from local musicians and rocks a unique late-night food menu with delicacies from charcuterie to empanadas.

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