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The Best Sports Bars in Houston

Houston has a lot of outstanding sports teams. So, we understand how anxious you are searching for the best sports bars in Houston. This means there are plenty of wonderful spots to see, and we will definitely mention them in the blog post. We’ve got the perfect venue in mind for you to cheer on your favorite teams from different sports. Honestly, I would mention that many of us also like to watch non-Houston teams holding the sports spirit.

We painstakingly whittled down the city’s drinking establishments to those with only the best, most hospitable sports-watching setups, from shaded patio pubs packed with HD TVs to one Downtown club with two enormous, 30-foot screens. Let’s get this party started and continue reading about the best sports bars in Houston.

The Best Sports Bars in Houston

Here is the list of the best sports bars in Houston:

1.   Pitch 25

Love sports, but pockets don’t allow me to enjoy the pleasure of being at sports bars and watching the big games along with some snacks and friendly chats. Patio games are enjoyable enough and hold you in the bars a little longer than usual. What if it adds in a mega pool table? Would you be able to leave early? Hang On!!! Pitch 25 offers indoor soccer fields as well for bubble soccer lovers. Gather your friends, rush to the bars and grab the wonderful opportunity of enjoying endless sporty joy.

2.   Holman Draft Hall

Winters ahead, and games season is on!! But you haven’t yet decided among the best sports bars in Houston. That is why we are writing this blog for you. Stick to this choice if the case is as I described. Holman Draft Hall offers a double dose of enjoying sporty atmospheres; meaning, the building is a double story sports bar with a luxurious sporty look. Enter the hall, order your favorite among the 100 beer choices and try some pub food if you like. How does it sound if you take frozen cocktails and porch swings together? Let’s comment to give others an idea of how to feel about this.

3.   Biggio’s

Not every one of you loves to watch games on Android screens or laptops. Why not try soaring screens while sitting on an outdoor balcony? At Biggio’s, if you come first, you are served first – front row recliners. Craft cocktails and local draft beers are the real specialty of this place. It becomes a bonus when you add in dirty bison chili dogs. Don’t be hasty about choosing the best sports bars in Houston. Take a deep breath and keep reading if still you are not satisfied with the recommendations.

4.   Kirby Ice House

Fans of all kinds go to this laid-back bar. That’s because it offers fifty-one tastes of beers in a visit, a complete shelf with artisan cocktails and wine, a wonderful selection of high-end bourbons and whiskeys, multiple screen areas both indoor and outdoor sport watch sessions, HD quality screens with audio sports package, and a huge backyard with food trucks and vast manageable sitting management. Here I mention to you the disclaimer: “People under the age of 22 are not permitted, so for entrance, you have to be 23 years older at least”.

5.   McIntyre’s

Have you ever wished you could watch your favorite sports team conquer from the comfort of your own couch? You’re in luck because you can do just that at this hip kids’ patio bar. Here, they offer you open-air seating if you want to enjoy the sunny weather. But if it gets rainy or cold, it covers the booths inside for you to keep enjoying sports. This sports bar contains forty-nine screens to let you enjoy your favorite teams playing for victory. You will experience rotating food packages that include a bar tab, a 50-beer choice, sangria, and a local vodka-cider-lemonade. Service providers are trying their best to satisfy your needs and depart you as a happy customer. Do visit this sport bar and rate your experience in the comment section.

6.   Little Woodrow’s Midtown

Woods and winters are more meaningfully inter-related since the poem “Stopping by the woods” was published. As in other bars, where multiple TVs are displayed and laid-back ambiance is noticed, here is the opposite scene you can say. Are you 21 years old who can’t enter McIntyre’s because of being less aged? Don’t worry, Little Woodrow’s Midtown is a bonus suggestion for you. You will notice an incredible sanctuary for the individuals of the 21 year older or more aged audience indoor/outdoor. Grab a swing seat or a covered table to watch your favorite team play, and keep an eye out for offers like 3-4-5 dollar happy hour and Altuve shots, as well as $1 hot dogs during select Astros home games. The Big 50 Club is a must-visit for frequent travelers who want to consume 50 beers and be immortalized on the Big 50 Wall of Fame.

7.   Height Bier Garten

It appears that all of my friends have moved to the Heights. Thankfully, this is now an excuse to visit the Heights Bier Garten. The Worcester Annex shares this happy hour sanctuary. So, if you’re craving something from HBG’s extensive beer and wine list, a hand-crafted cocktail from Wooster’s will do the trick. Take your order in one of the swing chairs and see how many pretzels you can devour before the chains give way. Don’t leave the blog before leaving us a comment on this recommendation. If you have had some memorable experiences here before, do tell us. If you know something amazing that we haven’t mentioned, feel free to comment and let the readers take a look.

Let’s Sum Up

In Conclusion, the list of best sports bars in Houston doesn’t end here. Houston is a developed region containing luxurious indoor and outdoor places for enjoyment. We presented you the best, rest is up to you whichever you like the most. As mentioned earlier, we would love to listen to you about our recommendations. Game season is on fire, so don’t waste a minute booking your drives to the best sports bars in Houston.

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