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How To Dress for The Airport

Many people check passports, tickets, and other documents before going to the airport. However, most do not even think about *looking from head to toe and dressing correctly. You must know that flight is a test for our body. Therefore, choosing the right and comfortable clothing for the airport is an important task. So, How to Dress for The Airport so as not to create problems for yourself and those around you? Read the article below to find the answer to this question.

How To Dress for The Airport?

Today, at the airport, you can meet people dressed as varied as possible. Someone gives preference to style and someone to comfort, but it is worth finding the golden mean – to look decent while not feeling inconvenience during the flight. Consider the following rules:

Clothes on legs

When choosing what is best to put on the plane on your feet, the basic rule is that things should not hinder movement. Overly tight trousers and jeans, as well as tight leather pants, are best avoided. Give preference to loose things made from natural fabrics – the body will be less tired and sweaty in them. 

Women are not recommended to wear miniskirts and short shorts on the airplane for the following reasons:

  • This will attract undue attention, especially on the gangplank.
  • Due to the presence of drafts in the plane from operating air conditioners, the legs can be very cold. 
  • The condition of aircraft seats is far from even household cleanliness, so wearing a short skirt is more likely to contract skin diseases.

When choosing trousers and jeans, give preference to those that contain a little (up to 5%) elastane. During a long flight, such things will not stretch and will retain an acceptable look. In winter, it is better to take warm socks with you, which can be used to replace heavy boots in the aircraft cabin, thereby giving your feet a rest.

Upper body clothing

When choosing How to Dress for The Airport, use the same rule as for the legs – things should be free and as comfortable as possible. Lace-up blouses, overalls, dresses in long ties should be avoided. Such clothes will constrain movement and are inconvenient to take off in cramped toilet stalls. Stay with practical T-shirts, pullovers, cardigans, etc.

Choose items made from natural fabrics – cotton, linen, or wool. It provides excellent ventilation of the skin and is less electrified in the dry air of the passenger compartment, more pleasant to the touch. Clothing made of synthetic fabrics will hinder skin respiration and heat exchange, as well as promote profuse sweating.
These simple tips on what to wear on the plane will help you spend a few hours in his cabin as comfortable as possible and arrive at your destination in a good mood.

An important point – clothes must be clean! 

It is worth considering in advance how to change and where to leave warm clothes at the airport if you are going to a hot country in winter. The best thing, of course, is to give it to those who see it off. But these are not always available, so you can use the luggage room at the airport.

What you DO NOT need to wear on the plane?

  • Tight skirts or jeans
  • Sheath dress made of hard fabric
  • Trousers with an arrow and a hard belt
  • Very long or very short skirts
  • A business suit, even if you have negotiations near the plane ladder. It is better to put it in a wardrobe trunk, replacing it with light, comfortable trousers, and a sweater.
  • Hats and large umbrellas on board are completely useless, not to mention the fact that there is simply nowhere to attach them because, as a rule, there is never enough space on the shelves for carry-on luggage.
  • Say “not today” to wide belts with massive metal buckles and rivets. They will be required to be removed during the inspection, and in the plane itself, they will unpleasantly crash into the stomach.

Speaking of smells, don’t overdo it with perfume or deodorant. After all, the aircraft cabin is airtight, and the enhanced aroma of your perfume will have to be inhaled by all passengers.

And a few more rules for the airport

Besides knowing How to Dress for The Airport, you must also know some other rules.

Remember that an airport is a place where thousands of people from all over the world meet, so don’t get too naked. This is unacceptable from the point of view of different religions and rules of upbringing and hygiene.

And one more thing: although they try to maintain maximum cleanliness at airports, it is better if your clothes are not light shades, but more practical dark and gray shades.

And please, take good care of the other passengers who will be your seating neighbors – do not scent on aldehyde perfumes with a heavy, rich aroma, and do not overuse hair styling products that are known for their specific scent.

Let’s Sum Up

The lighter you are dressed, the fewer…. questions the security service has for you. Before leaving, stand in front of the mirror and look at your clothes again: does it raise unnecessary questions?

We hope our advice will be helpful to you during your next flight, and you will not feel discomfort wearing comfortable clothes for the flight. If you need transport for your airport ride, contact us. We would love to assist you!

Pleasant flight!

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