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Houston Boat Show


If you’ve never been to a boat show, you may be wondering what to expect. It is not an invitation to buy a boat. You may attend the event even if you are not intending to buy any boat. Same as the Houston car show, you will be able to check the latest models and explore more options. People who want to see what’s available for the upcoming year and individuals looking for what’s available for resale are welcome. It’s not just a Houston boat show, it’s a boat show that is open to the public regardless of where you live.

What do boat shows bring you?

As told earlier, the boat show at Houston will present not only the latest boat models but many other entertaining events at the NRG Arena. Pack your bags to head on to the boat show on 26 or any day before 30th Jan. This event will take place from 26th Jan and will end on 30th Jan. On all 4 days, you will be able to enjoy different events. It is up to you if you want to get tickets for all 4 days or will attend just the final day of the event. 


Marine life is always adventurous. What if you will be able to experience it at the NRG arena? Will it amaze you? Then buy a ticket and explore yourself what else boat show features.


Things to do before going to the boat show

1. Check your footwear, clothing, and sunscreens

The open ocean is a very different place than the skies above. You don’t go walking around on boats like you would in your neighborhood. So, make sure to bring along some more casual footwear including ones that are easy to slip on and off. Many dealers won’t let you step on their boats if they notice you are wearing regular dress shoes. Hence, be mindful of the type of footwear that you wear while visiting the boat show. Don’t wear old or loose clothing. Bring along extra water and sunscreen with you.

2. Plan to grab the hot deals

To entice boat buyers at boat shows, many dealers offer special “boat show pricing” on the boats they want to sell. These prices can be attractive, but it’s not a done deal until you are prepared to buy. When negotiating for your boat, don’t get overwhelmed by all of the options available – decide on the few that are most important to you. Once you’ve selected what you want, try to bargain the price so that it fits more with your spending budget! Many dealers will also add several accessories as part of the purchase that sounds impressive and convenient. So, you won’t think of having to them at a later date.

3. Ready your cameras and mobiles

Photography is always a must-to-do thing at every event. Same as every event, you should bring your cameras or phones with you. You will be capturing the most beautiful memories. You may also want to capture the pictures of your favorite boats on any boat you want to buy later. The camera will not be enough and also bring a notebook or notepad along with you. It is because you may be required to make notes for later research. Bringing a notebook is also best for people who love to catch memories in the form of heart-capturing blogs.

4. Bring your credit cards or checkbooks to crack a deal

At the Houston boat show, you may wish to purchase an item offered by one of the exhibitors. If there’s a special deal being offered, you might want to bring your checkbook or credit card to take advantage of the offer accordingly. Not just boats are appealing, you may also be interested in buying boat accessories. Delaying the payment at such events may stop you from buying your favorite product. So, don’t let others grab the opportunity of buying what you liked. 


5. Manage transportation

Before going to buy the ticket for the boat show, decide on the transportation. You might buy the ticket but, the more important is how you will get there? Lavishride can be your black car service provider if you intend to attend the Houston boat show. Let’s explore what they are offering and why to reach them.

Lavish Ride Services

You will not have to wonder about helplessly in the terminal trying to figure out what cab company is available at the moment and which general direction you should head in to pay them as little money as possible. Hiring lavishride ensures that you drive safe. The chauffeurs know the route to the NRG arena from all around Houston. Driving yourself to the destination being a tourist may cause you trouble. It is because speed limits in Houston are not the same as in your state. Cab drivers will also not tolerate the pressure of riding a tourist. Chauffeurs treat customers professionally and ride them safely to the destination. 


You won’t only need private car services to take you to the NRG arena but also from the NRG arena back to the hotel or home. You won’t prefer arriving late at the boat show and missing the best pieces. So, hiring a lavish ride will drop you at the exact time you give them. On returning, they will drop you in time so you don’t miss the flight. 


Lavishride is an innovative black car transportation service that gives its users a wide range of options for transportation in the comfort of their own vehicle. Lavishride is the company to consider for those traveling to Houston and across Houston. 


Houston boat show is waiting for passionate visitors like you. Pack your things and fly to Houston. Book lavishride to travel across Houston. Safe, reliable, and fast rides are possible by booking lavishride luxury chauffeur. You may also be able to attend seminars for free as well. These seminars may be on boating safety or some fishing hacks. Above all, it is an amazing opportunity to enjoy at weekends.

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