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2021 world series championship

The 2021 Championship Series: Houston Astros versus Atlanta Braves

Baseball game lovers must have watched all the matches of the 2021 championship series. Baseball is a fun game similar to cricket, but here you have 9 players instead of 11 (that of cricket), and balling action is the same throughout the match. In cricket, you can throw spinners and yorkers, while in baseball, you will throw a full toss ball. The cricket bat and baseball bat also differ. The cricket bat is flat, while the baseball bat is of thick cylindrical shape.

Have you played baseball in your childhood or at your school/college? What was your experience playing baseball? Are you aware enough of the ABCs of the game that you can comment on the team performances? I think it’s easy to comment on cricket but not that easy to comment on baseball. I would love to read in the comment section about how much you agree with me on this.

Houston Astros

Let’s talk about the Houston Astros!! Americans know the name I am calling. This name sounds not only in the hearts of Americans but many other baseball-crazy lovers.

Specifically, this team is representing Houston. Initially, they were part of the NL and played fifty-one seasons for them. In 2013, became a member club of the AL West division and played MLB. They played the 2021 champion series as well and lost the series.

The champion team is the Atlanta Braves who defeated the Houston Astros in 6 games. It’s the 4th time that the Atlanta Braves won the championship.

In the AL, it was not an easy road for the Houston Astros. The sign-stealing scandal first raised obstacles to the victory and then decreased performance in the 2020 season raised questions on the team’s reputation. Well, later, Houston proved that they deserve a good reputation by swinging out defeat and catching in victories.

The first victory was against the Chicago White Sox. After the CWS, the Astros played against the Red Sox and quickly shut down their bats in consecutive 3 games.

Braves had their first defeat against Brewers, but recovered and won 3 consecutive games in the NLDS. These victories encouraged them to play against the Dodgers. They acquitted themselves admirably, winning the first two games of the series in walk-off fashion in Atlanta and fighting off a star-studded Dodgers comeback attempt.

Insights of 2021 Championship Series

Let’s talk about which teams played in the world series.

  • Atlanta Braves
  • Houston Astros
  • Los Angeles Dodgers
  • Tampa Bay Rays

Let’s talk about the Atlanta Braves and Astros, who played the final of the championship series. The first match was played at Minute Maid Park. It was because the Astros led 95 victories and the Braves had 88 giving the Astros a home-field advantage. After the first 2 matches, the next 3 matches were played in Trust Park, and then again, baseball lovers traveled to Houston for the final 2 matches.

It was conditioned that if any team gains victory in the first 4 games, the 5th game will not be needed to choose the winner. If the 5th game is played, giving any team a 4-1 or 4-2 lead, then the sixth or seventh game will be neglected. In 2020, all the matches took place in Texas because of the COVID-19.

The Astros have been called by the name ‘Colt.45s’. With the early name, they won the 1962 championship. The Astros won the 2017 championship as well. While Atlanta received the champion title in 1995. This franchise won the title in 1957 as Milwaukee Braved and in 1914 as Boston Braves.

Betting stories remained interesting. If you bet 145 dollars, you will earn a hundred dollar profit on Houston wins. But if you bet on the Braves, for $120, you will earn 100% profit or 120 dollars.

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