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Entertaining Your Kids During your Lavish Ride to Galveston

Entertaining Your Kids During Your Lavish Ride trip To Galveston

Although Galveston is an ideal vacation spot for families, the distance between Galveston and the airports of Houston can make the journey to Galveston a bit difficult. If you’ve flown into Houston and hired Lavish Ride to take your family from the airport to Galveston

here are our top tips to keep your kids entertained during the journey:

Turn the back of your Lavish Ride Vehicle into a Movie Theater

One way to keep your kids entertained and from causing trouble is to have them watch a movie. Fortunately, most luxury rental cars have amenities that allow you to convert the backseat into a movie theater. Lavish Ride has a fleet of luxury cars that feature the latest amenities to keep your kids entertained throughout the journey.

Find the Best Apps to Keep Your Kids Entertained:

Here at Lavish Ride, we recommend the app Disney Now. It includes not only Star Wars, Marvel, Disney Junior, and Disney Channel offerings that appeal to all ages but also lots of hours of radio, games, trivia, and puzzles. The diversity of the options on the app means that your kids have lots of options to keep them entertained. Another great option are the PBS Kids game and video apps. All Lavish Ride vehicles come with Wi-Fi, so your children will be able to access all their favorite apps on the go.

Lavish Snacks:

Be sure to bring all of your kids’ favorite snacks (healthy and unhealthy) for the long ride from the airport to your final destination in Galveston. If you encourage your kids to ask nicely, I’m sure the professional drivers here at Lavish Ride would be more than happy to recommend the best ice cream shop in the area, and stop there on your way to Galveston.

Road Trip Games:

If you want to have some good old-fashioned road trip fun, you can play games like “car counting” and “license plate.” In “car counting,” the first person to spot ten of a certain kind of car wins. In “license plate,” the person who is able to spot the highest number of different state license plates wins!

Don’t Forget the Toys:

Toys are a great way to entertain your kids without relying on technology during your Lavish Ride trip to Galveston. They could each bring a favorite toy, or you could surprise them with a new toy to keep them happy and busy during their ride.Family vacations provide a great opportunity for bonding and spending some quality time together. However, kids can be difficult to travel with. You will need to find ways to keep them entertained throughout the journey. Fortunately, Lavish Ride has plenty of tips that can ensure a smooth journey from Galveston to Houston and vice-versa. With the state-of-the-car vehicles from Lavish Ride and a professional chauffeur in the driver’s seat, you are guaranteed a pleasant and memorable experience.
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