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Best Wine Bars in Houston

Best Wine Bars in Houston

Are you a wine lover and looking for the best wine bars in Houston? You might find amazing restaurants but with restricted variety in wine selection. Somewhere wine selection was good, but the environment was hectic instead of relaxing. We did detailed research to present you with some amazing blends of the trendy wine lists and yummy snack combinations. First, talk a little about the qualities of an ideal wine bar or you may say the standard we set before choosing the best wine bars for you.

The Platonic ideal of a wine bar is a lovely setting: an unending assortment of interesting and unique bottlings, served by informed yet kind servers and sommeliers, where the pricing is always reasonable, and the charcuterie board always contains one last slice of cured meat.

Unfortunately, the reality is far less satisfying. The wine bars we see daily may serve the same generic wines as the chain restaurant around the block, or they may be staffed entirely by the worst types of snobs, or they may simply be a restaurant with a medium-sized wine list. The dream of a fun night out devoted to wine has devolved into a nightmare of unappealing options and incessant know-it-allism.

The wine scene in Houston is improving, and with it, the city’s wide variety of wine bars. That means dog-friendly patios, Old World-inspired decor, and the chance to drink while listening to live music or possibly seeing ghosts.

The best wine bars in Houston

Let’s have a read what we caught interesting for you regarding the best wine bars in Houston.

1.   CRISP

Are you in love with the Italian odor in the air? If it is so, then hurry and jump on the road to CRISP. The wine bar encodes a cheerful environment for wine lovers. You can enjoy a wood-fired pizza oven, along with varieties of more than 100 kinds of wines and craft beers. CRISP offers a healthy environment for wine lovers to enjoy the best tastes and also lets them choose their preferred taste. Don’t let the distance apart you from the chance to avail this thrilling opportunity. Do visit this place and let us know in the comments how much you are satisfied.

2.   Penny Quarter

Justin Vann is the reason I am referring you to Penny Quarter. The wine list at Penny Quarter is widely loaded with international choices. You will find wine choices from the following countries;

  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • France

White and Red wines are awaiting your lips to touch their carbonated bubbles. Trendy settings of the bar let you enjoy the mid-century tastes. Let us bring this amazing deal to your notice – “Happy hour”; where you will buy your favorite wine at half-price. Timings are;

  • All-day – Monday
  • 2 pm to 5 pm – Tuesday to Friday

Still, you are not convinced about this wine bar? No problem… Keep reading!! We have much more for you in the lines below.

3.   Public Services Wine and Whisky

The 3rd wine bar in our list presents wine and whisky collections. What is the reason for capturing your attention to this wine bar? The answer is; “Snacks collection by Theodore Rex’s crew, as well as a wide wine list comprising of;

  • Reds
  • Whites
  • Roses
  • Sparkling Wines

The whisky collection is also an exception to this place. So if you desire a place to have 3 in 1 fun, wine, whisky, and snacks, then don’t stroll more and visit this place.

4.   Avondale Food & Wine

This wine bar is 2 in 1 collection on a single plane. Olivier Ciesielski and Nate Rose are the administrative personalities at the restaurant and wine shop, respectively. Let’s dive into the menu distribution;

  • Fried chicken + Rose (Thursday)
  • Substantial Steak + Red (Tuesday)

Before leaving the place, grab a bottle of wine. Have you made your mind about your favorite wine bar selection? If not yet, scroll down more. If yes, book your chauffeur service and visit the bar you selected.  

5.   Simon on Sunset

Hey Readers!! Let me grab your attention to this wine bar. I want you to read about this with heavily focused intentions. Why??? Rice Village encompasses live music facilities along a happy hour (4 to 7 pm) and a fascinating list of top-notch wine selections as well as welcome wine lovers at Simon. Don’t you get attracted to the name? Make your sunset view more exciting with a glass of wine at a welcoming communal bar. They offer you a variant collection of wines, beers, and cocktails. Unlike other wine bars’ happy hour, here is a fixed rate. So, you have to pay $5 per glass of wine.

6.   La Carafe

Are you looking for old tastes in Houston? Point your map to La Carafe – a restaurant serving since the 1960s. Before moving ahead, note the disclaimer, “Credit card payments are not accepted here”. So, bring cash to pay for your bar tab as well as the jukebox. People have reported this place as a haunted wine bar, so keep an eye out for any spooky encounters. You should relax your nerves to enjoy the reasonably priced beverages and friendly faces. If you are budget conscious, try this. Otherwise, look for other options on the list. There are better versions of enjoying wine bars available.

7.   13 Celcius

European countryside trendy cafe appeared in the face of 13 Celcius. Specialties of this wine bar are not just restricted to outdoor patio reminiscent, but also climate-controlled cellar in the core of the bar (which is kept at 13 degrees Celsius- as the name shows). You may taste 100 different interesting tastes of wines around the world. Like some of the other best wine bars in Houston, this bar also offers an amazing combination of snacks and beverages. Classic cheese and charcuterie plates, homemade truffles, and a glass of wine can make your night a memorable experience.

Let’s Sum Up

Concluding, we throw out the best wine bars in Houston to your reading content. Now, you have to coordinate with your requirements and budget. Moreover, if you want chauffeur service during your visit to Houston, then contact us. We will provide you with high-quality, luxurious black cars.

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