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Best Pubs in Houston

If you decided to visit Houston and search for the best pubs in Houston? Then, you are at the right place. Unfortunately, there are many pubs in Houston that can make the selection process difficult for visitors. This article will discuss the most famous and highly visited pubs that will narrow down your selection. 

Late night, hazy wind, stomach demanding for food – you have to find the best place that offers the best scenario in all circumstances. And a pub is the best place for you to visit during your Houston trip. This is the place which provides you with community gatherings in accordance with the food and all other fun. 

List of the Best Pubs in Houston

So, here is the list of the Best Pubs in Houston:

1.  Watson’s House of Ales

A large pub with church building roofs gives an ancient look to its structure. The high walls and the fireplaces, along with the comfortable seats, make this place even better. If you want to spend your time in a castle with the old looks, this is the best place to come. (Visit)

Moreover, Watson’s has similar possession as the Sherlock’s and Baker Street bars spread into and out of town. The food at this place is really up to the mark. The most famous are the French fries and steaks that make you love this place even more.

Truly this pub is most brightened on Monday as it provides a discount. If you want peace at night, it is the best place to come. Therefore Watson’s House of Ales is one of the best pubs in Houston.

2: Underdog Pub

Underdog Pub is also one of the famous names in the list of the best pubs in Houston. This pub has its own unique style as it is famous for its beer presentation. The dark texture and the nighty scene in the pub allow the customers to enjoy themselves. You will enjoy the scenario with friends in this pub.

The interior is of the highest level. The whiskey trolley of this pub is always full as this pub has the best service all over the town. You can gather at night with your friends and enjoy the best experience of this fabulous pub.

This pub has a liquor category of more than 300. Moreover, its demand is increasing day by day due to its beers and spiritual cocktails.

3: The Red Lion

The Red Lion provides you with the most blissful experiences you can get in a pub. The fire all along, the sitting area, and the art pieces representing the fire have made this pub even more unique.

On a cold and stormy January night, there’s in no way like tasting the delicious food and spending time with your love. In fact, the menu was developed by a British chef who knew a lot about beer food pairing even before it became mainstream.

On the contrary, The Red Lion is a spot where you can go all along with your family. You and your family can enjoy the best family dining experience in this pub, but the separate portion for the family makes this pub a little more expensive.

So, we can say that the Red Lion is changing the trend of pubs. You can spend the best night in the shiny moonlight and a little windy with friends or family. More to say, this is one of the best pubs in Houston currently to hold the fold.

4: The Richmond Arms Pub

If you are a private party lover, then The Richmond Arms Pub is the most suitable place for you. Even the food and the drinks in this pub have their own unique style. Just book a private room in the pub and enjoy your private parties. For keeping your privacy to the next level, you must hire a chauffeur service.

The Richmond Arms Pub is a conventional British-themed bar with a profound larger choice, a comfortable, lively environment, and the most lavish bar menu.

Likewise, they are open for lunch each day, and there is a public park close to the pub, which means it is an ideal place to bring visiting friends here after a walk.

Moreover, the pub has a lot of space for your gatherings. The professional staff will reserve space for your next private occasion and help you access the uncommon menus.

5. Bayview Duck

It has a dynamic menu and an attractive place that you will love the most. It is located in the south of Kemah. This pub has several more qualities that make it unique among the best pubs in Houston.

There is a unique selection of British ales and a plentiful selection of Scotch whiskey. The cuisine should be noted separately – almost any dish deserves attention and is worth its money. The menu here is weighty on British bar guidelines—there’s fried fish and French fries, Scotch eggs, bangers and pound, and loads of meal hamburgers.

This pub also offers a swimming area for its customers. You can drink beer and sit in a Jacuzzi at the same time. This view cost the customers a little more than usual, but the money is worth watching the sight.


To sum up, we have told you all the best pubs to visit. Subsequently, they all have different qualities which make them unique and challenging.

So, if you sat with friends, spending quality time, drank a little more than the norm, then getting behind the wheel is fraught with consequences. In this case, you have to order a chauffeur service. The driver will arrive at your call and take you home safe and sound.

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 I hope you like to enjoy your windy and lonely nights at these pubs.

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