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5 Vegan Restaurants In Houston That You Must Visit

Eating a delicious dinner, having a romantic date, or ordering a lavish banquet with well-prepared plant-based dishes is easy just because of vegan restaurants in Houston! This article contains the best places in Houston, which will delight you with a cozy atmosphere, vegan delights, and, of course, friendly service.

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5 vegan restaurants in Houston

Here is a list of vegan restaurants in Houston that we recommend all vegetarians – and those who just want to give a chance to delicious meals without meat, fish and eggs – to look into.

1. Verdine, 449 West 19th Street

This restaurant is the best choice for vegans because there are no animal products here. It means that any dish on the menu is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and adherents of a healthy diet. It is definitely worth exploring for those just thinking about changing their lifestyle to ensure that healthy food is tasty and satisfying.

Famous dishes

Verdine is a stylish spot that, along with its full-service vegan menu, serves beer and wine. You must try Jackfruit Carnitas, which are tacos filled with corn salsa, jackfruit, and ad pickled red onion. Another good dish is Waterworks Cheeseburger which is a great substitute for a meat burger.

Many people who visited this restaurant appreciate the taste of Orange Cauliflower. This appetizer resembles orange chicken, but it uses tempura-battered cauliflower coated in a sweet orange chili sauce.

Verdine offers a special gluten-free baked doughnut only on weekends. If you are planning to visit on Saturday or Sunday, you must check out this dessert.

It might be a little tricky to find the front door of the restaurant. It would help if you looked for them in the back half of the building behind Jinya Ramen and next to Floyd’s 99 Barbershop.

2. Green Seed Vegan, 4320 Almeda Road

This restaurant is a casual restaurant with a completely vegan menu. All dishes contain plant-based ingredients, and recipes are constantly being adjusted to suit seasonal products. For example, in May, they offer to try dishes with nettles. By the summer, they added vegan okroshka to the menu. Green Seed Vegan also prepares desserts – including gluten-free and raw food – and produces kombucha, a drink made from kombucha.

Famous dishes

Green Seed Vegan wants to make vegan food as convenient and inexpensive as regular fast food. The menu contains shawarma and sandwiches, only with falafel, tofu, or soy schnitzel instead of animal cutlets.

Coffee and milkshakes served in the restaurant have plant milk, and guests can choose from six options for milk. In addition to the classic soy milk, they offer oat, almond, and coconut and drinks with additional flavors – chocolate oatmeal and vanilla soy.

Their sweet potato dill fries and cauliflower nuggets are addictive options. They go perfect for whichever main dish you choose. The restaurant is open every day of the week from 11:00 am – 8:00 pm. So if you want to try vegan food on weekdays, they’re there for you!

3. Loving Hut, 2825 South Kirkwood Road #100

Loving Hut is the perfect choice for health and budget-conscious eaters. They use non-GMO products, and their soy proteins are all non-GMO.

They prepare dishes individually for each guest, rather than preheating the blanks. It will take longer to wait for the order, but you can always ask to remove the inappropriate ingredients or add certain spices. The menu is exclusively vegan and only vegan chefs prepare the dishes.

Famous dishes

You must try King’s Pad Thai because they make it with rice noodles and vegan sea crescents (at the place of shrimp). Golden BBQ Vermicelli is also a famous dish here that has BBQ soy protein and tastes just like meat.

The Golden Rolls or Golden Wontons have vegetable fillings, and they serve it with sweet and sour sauce for dipping. Their vegan cheesecake doesn’t contain eggs, and dairy, but is still totally delectable.

You can find only Asian dishes here.

4. Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine, 1320 West 34th Street

Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine ” is an unlikely establishment that can hardly be called a cafe or a restaurant: rather, a large kitchen to which visitors were allowed.

There are no rules usual for catering: it is customary to take off your shoes at the entrance. Guests don’t get a menu but simply put dinner on the table according to the number of people. Cooks, waiters, and cleaners are the same people who alternately perform one or the other work. From a European perspective, everything looks very hectic and unusual, but it allows you to plunge into the world of Indian cuisine much deeper than at the level of curry, paneer, and hot spices.

Famous dishes

The selection of the buffet rotates depending on the day, but you will always have some tasty vegan foods. For example, you might try their spinach and potatoes, vegetable kofta, chickpea curry, or BBQ tofu.

The menu is a mix of vegan and vegetarian dishes, but if you want strictly vegan, then you should visit on a Wednesday or Sunday. On these days of the week, all of their servings are vegan.

5. Green Vegetarian Cuisine, 6720 Chimney Rock Road

The 5. Green Vegetarian Cuisine specializes in modern vegan cuisine and prepares dishes without regard to popular world recipes.

The menu contains classic dishes in which plant counterparts replace meat and dairy products. For example, raw-food pizza and cheesecakes without cottage cheese. But the main focus of the cafe is on culinary experiments and invites guests to try their unique combinations.

Professional chefs do not use preservatives and flavor enhancers in the kitchen. They don’t store any dish for more than 5 hours. If guests do not receive an order from under the knife, then they certainly do not risk seeing yesterday’s pizza or a weathered salad on the plate.

Famous dishes

The famous dishes are fajita plate, jalapeno cheeseburger, Cauliflower Hot Wings, or chik’n fried chik’n.

All dishes are suitable for vegans: the cheese, seafood, and sour cream indicated in the dishes have plant ingredients only. For raw foodists, the choice is small, but not limited to desserts and salads, as is often the case in coffee shops.

Let’s Sum Up

If you decided to visit Houston and want to eat from a vegan restaurant, you must select a restaurant from our list of 5 vegan restaurants in Houston. By reading this article, you can choose the appropriate option in just a few minutes. This information will help you to draw a conclusion.

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