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The Ultimate Road trip- from Houston to El Paso

Discover the TEXASness from Houston to El Paso by road!!!
As you might have heard, Texas is rather a large state, even bigger than France. Texas is home to America’s three most populated cities, including  Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. It might be the reason Texas holds great importance when it comes to road trips. A state filled with diversity- climatic, ecological, geographical, and cultural variety makes it a good pick among the backpackers for a road trip.
It is this variety combined with its rich history, adventurous vibes, and relatively low gas prices that make it a prime place for the most thrilling and memorable road trips. While considering Texas the spot for your next road trip might be easy, setting the route is the actual deal. There’s no way to have all the adventures Texas holds in one’s whole life, at least not a single lifetime. But there are famous spots and beautiful places that you can visit no matter how little or how much time you have.

A road trip- from Houston to El Paso

In this guide, we have gathered a list of all the recommended places from every state.  No matter whatever the route, you can always have the best of Texas on your next road trip from Houston to El Paso.

1.   Houston:

On our road trip from Houston to El Paso, we are starting with the historical monument, Battleship Texas. The fighting vessel was used both in World War l and ll. Anchored on the busy Houston and Buffalo bayou, visitors and students can experience history first hand. So if you are having history enthusiasts in your group, we suggest you not miss out on this spot.
Schlitterbahn Galveston Island Waterpark is the true definition of a family-friendly spot on a road trip. The park welcomes visitors with up to 32 magnificent rides and attractions throughout the year. The summer season’s attractions include an uphill water coaster, a large wave pool, water playgrounds, and much more. While in the winter season, the indoor heated climate-controlled environment keeps the crowd entertained.

2.   Austin:

The State Capitol and Visitor’s Center on its 22 acres of monuments and grounds are home to chambers of the Texas legislature and office of the state governor. Being the sixth tallest state capitol, the building impresses the visitors with its beautiful architecture. Visitors on their way from Houston to El Paso often stop at the site and admire the beauty it beholds. The various monuments and tree-lined paths add to the beauty of the park. Free tours of the capitol building are given daily to the visitors, except for holidays.
Lady Bird Lake is another charming location, named after the wife of President Lyndon Johnson. It must-go-to place if you are looking for beautiful visiting sites on your way from Houston to El Paso. It is actually a section of the Colorado River. The main pedestrian path is the Ann and Roy Buttler Hike and Bike Trail, and pedestrian bridge. It connects many parks and beaches. Lady Bird Lake has recently become one of the city’s top tourist spots.
Although swimming at Lady Bird Lake is prohibited. You can shake off the summer heat in the nearby Barton Spring Pools in Ziller park. With a temperature of 70 degrees all year long, it is very popular among locals and tourists.

3.   San Antonio:

The Alamo is by far the most visited tourist spot in San Antonio. Deeply rooted in tragic and emotional history, the site is a reminder of what happened in March 1836. Thousands of Mexican Forces took over the mission after killing 200 Texans. Under the leadership of Sam Houston, 800 Texans took back the mission. Thus they put an end to the “Texas war of independence.” Today, the Alamo, smaller than what most people expect is the number one visited site in the state.
Hop onto a boat to explore the colorful network of walkways of the San Antonio River. The second most popular site in San Antonio has a lot to offer to visitors. You can go shopping, enjoy a nice stroll, or grab something to eat. The place is at its best especially every Friday and Saturday night throughout the summer.  You can enjoy Fiesta Noche del Rio which features music from Mexico, Spain, and Argentina.
Travelers who have visited Mexico might call the San Antonio Square market a little slice of Mexico in San Antonio. Featuring more than 100 local stores, stalls, and restaurants, it is a fun place to shop for inexpensive souvenirs. We suggest you have a little bit of Mexican experience outside Mexico on your road trip from Houston to El Paso.

4.   El Paso:

Franklin Mountain State Park usually surprises first-time travelers to El Paso who expects to see nothing but plain desert. The state park offers great biking, hiking, and rock climbing for day visitors. The park also offers great spots for night camping. A warm campfire on cold winter nights can change your perception of desert picnics.
Chamizal National Memorial and Museum honors the peaceful resolution of the Chamizal Dispute. It took place when the river that serves the US-Mexico state border, Rio Grande changed its course a century ago. The park primarily serves as a cultural center and contains a theater, an amphitheater, and art galleries. It provides a deep insight into the fluidity of the US-Mexico border.
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