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Plan A Road Trip – Houston to San Antonio

Houston to San Antonio is a very popular route. You’d be surprised at how going from Houston to San Antonio is a big change. There is only a short distance (197 miles or 317 km) between these two cities, but they are totally different from each other with two different cultures.

If you’re planning a road trip from Houston to San Antonio, you should research the important locations to stop along the way. You can drive this distance straight through, but it might be more interesting to stop and visit the interesting places.

Some Places to visit in your Houston to San Antonio

01. houston

Here’s what to see and do from Houston and San Antonio Trip:-

Houston is full of surprising things and hidden gems. It is your starting pointing but doesn’t leave it without visiting the Johnson Space Center. There is plenty to do and see in Houston besides the space center. If you are an art lover or sports fan, you must visit the Museum of Fine Arts and The Galleria. Houston metro area is about the size of New Hampshire (9,000 square miles), so keep this thing in mind while planning your Houston itinerary.

02. Buc-ee’s

Treat yourself to a pit stop at Buc-ee’s in Katy after braving the heavy traffic of Houston. You will find it the world’s cleanest restroom. It got both the world’s longest car wash and the world’s largest convenience store. Once you grabbed your favorite snack and filled up your tank, continue heading west to Columbus.

03. Santa Claus Museum

If you are planning your trip during the Christmas season, you must visit Santa Claus Museum. The museum is open from Thursday to Sunday during the Christmas holidays and by appointment during the other months of the year.

04. Painted Churches Of Schulenburg

More than 20 painted churches await your exploration near a small charming town, Schulenburg. It is located halfway between Houston and San Antonio. The detailed paintings, ornate design, colorful stained glass windows have given Saint Mary the title of the Queen of the Painted Churches. This town is also called High Hills in the honor of the Austrian and German immigrants who moved to the US.

Remember! These churches are active parishes. So you must respect them as a place of worship while visiting. Also, note that they are not open for visitors during holidays, Sundayss, funerals, or weddings.

05. Luling Oil Museum

The next stop is the Luling Oil Museum which was established in 1874. Later it earned the nickname “the Toughest Town in Texas.” This place is famous because it is one of the biggest oil field in the Southwest. You can examine various oil drilling tools and learn how technology has evolved over the years.

06. Seguin

Now travel towards the backroads to reach Blue Lotus Winery in Seguin. This vineyard is spread over 15-acre of land. The vineyard’s main focus is to produce fruit flavor wines such as dessert pear pomegranate, cranberry orange spice, and blueberry jasmine. Moreover, it also makes a fermented alcoholic beverage made with locally harvested honey. This region is also famous for its German immigrants. This is the best place to visit for Beer lovers. They can also explore other local breweries in the area.

07. New Braunfels

The next beautiful and interesting place s New Braunfels. As its name suggests, it was founded by German immigrants who belonged to the old Braunfels in Central Germany. Start by exploring the century-old buildings of Gruene Historic District. These buildings were saved by a kayaking architecture student from a developer’s bulldozers.

08. San Antonio

Finally, you will reach your last stop, San Antonio, which is also known as Mission City. Enjoy a flat-bottomed boat, narrated river cruise in a colorful, and then settle in at Boudro’s for a prickly pear margarita. San Antonio is a major city in south-central Texas with a rich colonial heritage. You can also dig into flavorful Tex-Mex cuisine at Casa Rio, the oldest business on the San Antonio River Walk.

How to get from Houston to San Antonio

There is nothing better than taking the whole family on vacation by car. No need to shake the train or bus, depending on the schedule, or worry about the shortage of tickets. Take the help of black car services to travel from Houston to San Antonio and travel as you please. Stop to admire the scenery or dine and take a walk, enjoy a reliable and obedient car, open up new horizons with us. You just need to follow these steps:

Step 1Book your ride
Step 2 – Schedule your ride
Step 3 – Head to your pick-up location
Step 4 – Experience your comfortable and highly enjoyable trip

If you value your time, comfort, and freedom, getting a car with a driver will be the most suitable option for you. To be in time for business travel, follow the traffic rules, plan a route – all these problems are solved not by you, but by our employee. Insurance, maintenance, refueling, solving issues related to road accidents – we also take care of all these concerns.

The personal driver accompanying you is a polite person, experienced, attentive to every client’s request, and a professional in his field. He will plan the route, taking into account your preferences, and traffic congestion will be at the specified place on time and will take you to the named address without delay. Neat, well-mannered, he will become a part of your business image, confirm your status.

Let’s Sum Up

Trips to Houston can be a long tiring drive. We want you to be comfortable with it. We provide medium, business, and executive class transport for trips from Houston to San Antonio. All offered black cars and other cars are new. They are fully operational, regularly undergo technical inspection in our own service station, and carry out their repairs quickly.

You yourself choose a car that suits you in terms of class, body type, level of comfort, and cost; from the moment you place an order, it is assigned to you (with a specific driver), the car will be there at any time you need it. It is convenient: you are accompanied by a person you already know, who will not have to be initiated again into your plans and familiarized with the schedule. You will appreciate it after the first day of its work.

The longer, the more profitable. however, The cost depends on the duration of the rental, the specific route, the purpose, and the car’s brand. But if you order a car rental with a personal driver for a long period and long-distance ride, we provide individual conditions. The total rental price is calculated for each client individually.

Call us at any time of the day: our operators accept applications around the clock, we work on holidays and weekends. If necessary, we will help you choose a car in accordance with your goals, preferences, and allocated budget.
So, why fly when you can be driven!!!

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