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Houston to Lubbock: Travelers Guide

let’s see how we can go about going from Houston to Lubbock.

Lubbock is a city in northwest Texas known as the birthplace of rock’ n’ roll legend Buddy Holly. You should visit it with your family and friends to explore a new fascinating world. It will be a break from the hectic routine and redefine your meaning of life.

How far is it from Houston to Lubbock

It’s 532 miles and 856 km from Houston to Lubbock. It takes a long time of about 8 hours to drive through a car, and the estimated flight time is 1 hour and 20 minutes.


Best time to Visit

The summer of Lubbock is long, hot, and mostly clear, and the winters are short, dry, and extremely cold. The temperature varies from 29 F to 93 F in summers and rarely below 18 F or above 110 F. So, the weather is best from mid-May to early October. Late summer and early falls are the best time to visit the city in the best weather and avoid large tourist crowds.

Cultural history

Many things changed from its corporation in 1909, but it continues to be known for the charm and hospitality of its people, whether they are native or tourists. That’s why. Lubbock is known as the crossroads of culture in West Texas. 

In addition, their fashion sense of modern with a classic touch makes Lubbock such a unique city. It is the hub of art exhibits, live music, theatrical performance, and many more. Lubbock attracts millions of tourists every year around the country and world.

Interesting facts about the city

Lubbock is a famous city in Texas, but there are a lot of unknown facts which you don’t know. These hidden facts may increase your interest in your tour and boost your knowledge about the city. Whether you are a history buff, a stargazer, a sports fan, or a cowboy, Lubbock is a wild west town with a rich and varied history and culture.

1.    Hub City

Lubbock is called a hub city by locals because it lies at the center of the five highways. It makes it appear like a hub of a wheel on a map. But the website claims that it is the educational, health, and economic hub for the surrounded cities.

2.    Lubbock has UFOs 

In 1951, a group of engineering professors witnessed a V-shaped formation of greenish-blue lights at night, soaring above them. Despite the hype, collaboration, and effort, no one ever figured out what they were. Till then now, these UFO’s known as the Lubbock Lights which became a national fascination and sensational obsession.

3.    Obsessed with buddy holly

Buddy Holly, the famous 50s Rock’ n’ Roll sensation who met a tragic end, was a proud native of Lubbock. The whole city celebrates his memory with honor. Lubbock throws an annual festival known as Bud Fest to celebrate Holly’s birthday. Here you see a large Buddy Holly statue and a Buddy Holly Center.

4.    World’s Largest Cotton Grower

Lubbock area has the largest contiguous cotton growth in the world. And it is the number one cash crop in South Plains and the third-largest cotton producer in the US.

5.    Whacky Alcohol Laws

There are ample beer and liquor stores right outside the city limits to get your booze fix. Lubbock enacted a confusing law that restaurants could sell liquor and beer, but liquor stores could not. So, it is cheaper to buy booze at a bar than at a liquor store.

Top Picnic Points 

When you are visiting Lubbock for a tour visit, you should visit these tourist attraction picnic points to explore their culture.

6.    Museum of Texas Tech University

The museum of Texas Tech University is a diverse and multifaceted cultural resource with 6 collecting divisions and 8.8 million objects. The huge collection comprises Anthropology, Art, Clothing and Textile, Paleontology, and Natural History. It has 20th and 21st century southwest Indian Art galleries.

7.    American Windmill Museum

Furthermore, visit the largest collection of Windmills in the world. It features 170 rare and fully restored windmills. Here you can see a 6000 square ft., hand painted and mural titled wind legacy.

8.    Lubbock Water Rampage

If you are a swimmer or like swimming, you must visit this place to enjoy the wave pool, lazy river, and water slides with refreshing adult beverages. Here you can explore three different adventurous worlds like Pirates Cove, Caribbean Adventure, and future World.

9.    Fibermax Center for Discovery

Explore a new world of American agriculture history, which shows case the equipment used by the farmers over the years. Here you can go through an array of interactive exhibits, which include 71 pedal tractors, 700 toy tractors, and a replica blacksmith shop.

10.Silent Wings Museum

It is located in Lubbock’s former airport terminal dedicated to America’s Glider pilots of WWII, who were trained here. It displays the finally restored aircraft and gliders which are used by the military in a state of war. Moreover, it also showcases the small gliders, their components, and the equipment that was typically transported by gliders, such as bulldozers and jeeps.

Medical Center nearby the city

If you are visiting a new city for the first time, you just need to know the hospitals of the city nearby your stayed place. In case of any emergency and unpleasant accident, you can visit your nearby hospital as soon as possible.

These are some top-ranked hospitals of Lubbock Texas.

  1. Covenant Medical center
  2. University Medical Center
  3. Lubbock Heart Hospital
  4. Trustpoint Rehabilitation Hospital
  5. Grace Medical Center
  6. Covenant Children’s hospital
  7. Sunrise Canyon Hospital
  8. River Crest Hospital
  9. Baylor University Medical Center
  10. Medical City Plano 

 Safety Measures

 To avoid any unpleasant accident or health issue in a new city. Due to the weather conditions, environmental pollution, and especially this current Covid pandemic Situation. You should adopt these basic safety measures:

  • Make copies of important documents
  • Keep your friends and family updated
  • Safeguard your hotel room
  • Be aware of your surroundings
  • Don’t draw attention
  • Use ATM during day time when people around

Health safety Measures

  • Wear proper clothes according to weather conditions
  • Use mask
  • Keep a maximum distance of 6 feet 
  • Wash your hands properly
  • Keep your first aid box with you

The best mode of transportation from Houston to Lubbock

You can go through a bus, train, or take a flight from Houston to Lubbock but traveling with family in a comfort zone needs a car. If you don’t have a personal car, you should use Chauffeur Car Services. It is the most comfortable and reliable mode of transportation from city to city. We provide you with luxury cars and trained staff on a friendly budget. We make your trip memorable with our best services.

You can book your ride anytime from our website on your phone. Call our help center for more details. Stay Safe and travel happily.

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