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Houston to Fort Worth: A Visitor Guide

Many people travel from Houston to Fort Worth for some business or family trip on a daily routine. But if you are planning to visit Fort Worth the first time, you need to know the facts about it. Like distance, places to visit and most important the good transportation that will help you to reach your destination on time.

This blog will be a great help to answer all your all questions. Let’s move toward it.

Fort Worth is the 13th largest city in the United States. Texas hospitality and has a rich and diverse cultural history. Texas is full of Old-West-themed entertainment and shopping. That’s why it is called Funky Town.

Total Distance From Houston To Fort Worth

There are 237.13 miles from Houston to Fort Worth. If you travel non-stop by car it would be 268 miles and take 3 hours and 51 min by following the 1-35W S and US-287-P business S route.

Places to Visit

If you are planning a trip from Houston to Fort Worth with your family and friends, you have to know about the places of tourist attraction points which you get a visit and get adventure 

1.    Fort Worth Stockyards

You can see and enjoy the world’s only longhorn cattle drive twice a day at 11:30 am and 4:00 pm every day. You can enjoy live music and live rodeo, and much more entertainment. If you are visiting with your family, there is a good chance to avail yourself of a free ticket for kids. You can purchase it online by using code: FREE KID at checkout on any Friday.

2.    Fort Worth Zoo

It is guaranteed fun in Fort Worth Zoo. There is always an adventure waiting for you and your family. We will suggest you to must visit Fort Worth Zoo because it comes among the top zoo in the state. In addition, it tends to be less crowded in the afternoon as in daily routine as many schools visit the zoo with their students and take part in the educational programs. On every Wednesday, you may get half-price admission.

3.    Fort Worth Water Gardens

It is located on the south end of downtown Fort Worth between Houston and Commerce streets. A wonderful and refreshing oasis place is waiting for you to bring family from out of time and take a scroll at night. Here you can experience various water features like three pools of water: the aerating, the quiet, and the active pool.

4.   Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

This garden is the oldest major botanic garden in Texas and is now partnered with the Botanical Research Institute of Texas. If you are a garden lover, it is the most mesmerizing place to visit. Here you can see the living museum of art and nature. Discover spectacular gardens, exhibits, festivals, events, and concerts.

5.    Kimbell Art Museum

If you are fond of art and paintings and have any interest in history and modern architecture. You must need to visit the Kimbell art museum at once in Texas. It hosts an art collection, art exhibitions, educational programs, and extensive research.

6.    Sundance Square

If you are looking for some shopping and want to buy more in less time, you should visit the sundance square mall. It is a pedestrian-friendly downtown district packed with clothing chains, western-wear shops, steakhouses, and sports bars. It is also an entertainment hub where you can enjoy events and concerts and have theaters to make a movie time with your family and friends.

Tips To Make A Trip Good

If you are planning to visit Fort Worth from Houston, you should plan first to make your trip easy and memorable. The drive from Houston to Fort Worth takes a part of a day and has many exciting points. You must stop and visit for a while. So, better to leave early in the morning as it is a refreshing time, easy to get rid of traffic jams. If you are traveling first time to this route, you must use GPS to avoid any confusion and time wastage.

Best Mode for Transportation

There are a lot of buses, public transport, cabs, and trains which are travel on a daily routine from Houston to Fort Worth. But when you are traveling with your friends or family for a trip, you should use your car to get full advantage of your trip. 

If you don’t own your car, nothing to worry about it. You can use the Chauffeur service for any number of the day. 

Benefits to Choose Chauffeur

If you choose Chauffeur, you will get these services to make your trip easy and comfortable 

1.    24 Hours Availability

We are providing city to city relaxing transportation. You are now closer to your next destination. You can get our service anywhere at any time to reach your destination.

2.    Driven By Professionals

Our drivers are well trained in customer services and traffic patterns, and defensive driving, who drives you elegantly and safely.

3.    Comfortable Vehicle

You can get a lavish vehicle with good ride quality, which provides you with comfort in all aspects. It provides you smooth ride on-road and a peaceful and friendly environment with your driver. 

4.    Time-Saving Service

      We will help you to reach your destination on time to save your precious time. It also refers to the cost of time spent on transport. We give you the benefit of faster traveling toward your destination that saves your time and money. 

5.    Free Wifi

We offer free wifi services to our customers during the ride so you can access the internet easily. You can get check your route on GPS that where you are going and get more information about your ride and our services.

6.    Easy Online Booking

Get your ride at your fingertips. You can get easy access our services through an online app. Book your ride online anytime, anywhere, and go for it.

How much does it cost ?

Our rental price depends upon the term, distance, and start time. The final cost will be influenced by additional services like the return of a car to another city, delivery, and collection of a car. You can get all the information about the final cost by calling on the indicated number and the company’s website. There are no hidden charges. We will clarify all the terms and final rental expenses. 


At last, let’s sum up our services; we will provide you with the best of our services for your trip and help explore you with ease and comfort. With our high-quality service, you can feel mobility and comfort in any situation. It will help you to save your time and nerves.

Book your ride now by our website on your phone and contact us for more information. We are always available to assist you. Our mission is to make your trip memorable.

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