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Travel lavishly with Lavish Ride!!!

Whether you are going to a business meeting or a wedding from Houston to Austin, the luxury cars in our fleet will cater to your needs.

Travel in style and safety throughout the city with Lavish Ride car services. Our professional and elegantly dressed luxury city to city chauffeurs can easily pick you up from your location in Houston and take you to your destination in Austin in no time.

The Fleet at Lavish Ride

We offer a variety of comfortable and luxurious rides to take your journey to the next level. All the cars offered by Lavish Ride are in black. Our Lavish black travel car collection includes:

  • Lavish SUVs: Cadillac Escalade ESV – Lincoln Navigator / Navigator XL
  • Business-class: Cadillac XTS, Cadillac CT6, Lincoln Continental
  • Business-class SUVs: Chevy Suburban, GMC Yukon L, or smiler
  • Sedans: Mercedes-Benz S Class, BMW 7 Series, or smilers
  • Executive Mercedez Benz van

Places to stop by when traveling from Houston to Austin

A road trip from Houston to Austin in Texas can be a memorable and entertaining one. All you need to know are some great places to take your boring road trip to a memorable one. With Lavish Ride as your traveling partner, your ordinary road trips are going to be the talk-of-the-office for months.

Here is a list of few beautiful places that we highly suggest visiting on your trip from Houston to Austin.

1.   Schobel’s Restaurant

Located near the junction of I-10 and 71, Schobel’s restaurant offers a great homemade meal. The chefs will leave your mouth desiring for more with their delicious cheeseburgers and steaks. If you are traveling in the earlier hours of the day, hit the restaurant for a delicious breakfast. The hungry Texans crave the breakfast buffet offered by Schobel’s, with pancakes, bacon, and grits to delight your stomach.

2.   Hruska’s Store and Bakery

Kolaches is the first love of Texans. These Czech pastries have cherished the Texans as a breakfast staple. Hruska’s bakery is a popular stop for those traveling from Houston to Austin to have a bite of the Texan delight. With a variety of 16 Kolaches, everyone in the car will find a Kolache to love. Along with the bakery, Hruska’s is also a store that deals in trinkets and food supplies.

3.   Timeless Texas Classics

While the road from Houston to Austin pays special regard to foodies, it also has a present for car junkies. The timeless Texas Classics is a car museum that features a variety of unique classic cars. The museum offers free admission and is also a popular spot for buyers who are looking to purchase a classic car.

4.   Blue Bell Ice Cream factory

If you have been on Highway 290 from Houston to Austin before and haven’t visited the Blue Bell Ice cream factory, you certainly are missing a lot. Texas’s most popular ice cream is located in Brenham. the facility offers tours for visitors. Besides the tour, a great scoop of the Texan delight will fuel the rest of your journey from Houston to Austin. It has plenty to offer to travelers.

Why Choose Lavish Ride fro traveling from Houston to Austin

If you are looking to hire a luxury car service from Houston to Austin, you and your employees need to consider a plethora of factors to make your business travel successful. Although the process may give you a tough time, the fruit of choosing the right travel services deserves the struggle. Let us tell you why Lavish Ride is considered one of the best in the business.

1.   Safety standards

Lavish Ride upholds Duty of care to utmost consideration while taking you from Houston to Austin on your trips. Lavish Ride passes all the safety standards that you need to look out for in rental chauffeur service. Our luxurious cars offer:

  • latest safety features
  • driver’s certificate and all driving permits
  • driver’s certification of alcohol and drug testing compliance

2.   Cost

When looking for ground transport to travel in, many travel managers fail to make a firm connection between renting a car vs the cost of hiring a chauffeured service. A car rental service may seem the cheaper option in the beginning, but when you consider factors like gas, licensing fees, taxes for insurance, etc, you will realize the overall cost to be double of hiring a chauffeur.

Lavish Ride offers a reasonable price for its service package. The price comes with no extra costs, a final amount that you can consider as the total travel expense without any second thoughts.

3.   Ease of Booking

While traveling from Houston to Austin, choosing a company that offers online services might work wonders. Lavish Ride offers online services including online bookings, reviewing your scheduled rides, the ride history, and real-time updates about the arrival and departure of the chauffeur.

4.   Comfort above all

“Comfort above all” is the motto that fuels our reliable and trustworthy services. Our superior fleet is deemed as fit by big business companies, meeting their ground transporting expectations.

Travel in safety and style with our luxury chauffeur’s city to city service and get maximum of your every journey. Instead of worrying about your transportation, let Lavish Ride take care of it for you.

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