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A Road Trip from Houston to Corpus Christi

Have you ever had a desire to visit Houston to Corpus Christi and lie on the gorgeous white sand beaches, visit national and state parks, and dine in world-class cuisines in Houston and Corpus Christi? There are many traveling modes available, such as by bus, air, and train, but you cannot enjoy and stay in each place while traveling by these modes. In this situation, traveling Houston to Corpus Christi by road is the best option for you.

The driving distance between Houston and Corpus Christi is 338.93 km, and with the average speed, the traveling time will be more than three hours. If you are traveling with the family and visiting different places during your trip, it is not suggested to drive independently.

And when it is not possible to travel by personal vehicle, a chauffeur service becomes an excellent substitute and help. Chauffeur service is a fast, safe and reliable way to move freely. The advantages are undeniable: by public transport, you physically will not have time to do as many things as the availability of a car allows, and while traveling by taxi, the rate will be several times more expensive than a daily chauffeur service.

Famous places to visit during
Houston to Corpus Christi trip

If you selected Houston chauffeur service, it is suggested to visit the following place:

Nearby National Parks

You have to travel quite a bit because this part of the US is not known for its national parks. But this part of the country is famous for its rich history, entertainment, historical and educational parks that beg to be explored. Some of them are:

1.    Jean Lafitte National Historical Park 

This park is comprised of six different destinations (Barataria Preserve, Chalmette Battlefield, French Quarter Visitor Center, Acadian Cultural Center,  Prairie Acadian Cultural Center, and  Wetlands Acadian Cultural Center)and spread throughout Louisiana. So, you need to travel a lot to reach this place, and a car with a driver allows you to sit with your family and enjoy all these locations.

2.    Cane River Creole National Historical Park 

The main attractions here are Magnolia Plantation and Oakland Plantation, which are both intact cotton plantations. By visiting these places, you will learn about the life history of a Creole cotton plantation 200 years ago. A tourist guide is available for new visitors, but a professional driver from Houston to Corpus Christi can also guide you in a proper way. Moreover, you can also find a lot of gifts shops in Cane River Creole National Historical Park. 

3.    Natchez National Historical Park 

This park is about five hours away from Houston in Natchez, Mississippi. The town is rich in history. If you want to learn about the diverse group of people who lived here over the centuries, it’s a great place to visit. Some locations like Melrose Estate, Fort Rosalie, multiple Civil War sites, and the William Johnson House show the history of this area. 

4.    Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park 

The park is almost three and a half hours west of Houston and one hour and 20 minutes north of San Antonio. So either you are traveling from Houston to Corpus Christi or Houston to San Antonio, Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park is a must-visit place. This historical park helps you to learn about the life of Lyndon B. Johnson (America’s 36th president) and his family.

5.    San Antonio Missions National Historical Park 

This park is also 3 hours and 30 minutes west of Houston, but it’s located in San Antonio itself. San Antonio Missions National Historical Park is famous for its three parts:  Mission San Jose, Mission Concepcion, Mission Espada, and Mission San Juan. Moreover, the Hike and Bike Trail is a 2.5-mile paved trail running along the San Antonio River. And various local birds, snakes, and turtles are sometimes visible on this easy trail.

Nearby State Parks

Besides some national parks, there are multiple state parks much closer to your Houston to Corpus Christi route that should be visited:

1.    Brazos Bend State Park 

Brazos Bend State Park is the first state park that is only 45 miles away from downtown Houston. This park is teeming with plenty of trails and wildlife. Hiking, riding, biking, and fishing are the famous fun activities here.

2.    Galveston Island State Park 

A road trip from Houston to Corpus Christi will not complete without a stop by Galveston. The park is spread over roughly 2,000 acres of Galveston Island and is full of beaches, boardwalks, and trails. Swimming, hiking, surfing, boating, and bird-watching are famous fun activities here. 

3.    Goose Island State Park 

This park is about 45 miles north of Corpus Christi. It is famous for its bird-watching opportunities. Moreover, you can found many rare and endangered species here. Fishing, boating, and hiking are some other activities you can do at Goose Island State Park. 

4.    Mustang Island State Park 

Mustang Island State Park is almost 25 minutes away from Corpus Christi. You can take advantage of more than 5 miles of attractive white sand beaches, great views of the Gulf of Mexico and take some great photo at this park. On Mustang Paddling Trail, you can also enjoy 20 miles of boating. 

5.    Lake Corpus Christi State Park 

Can you take a trip from Houston to Corpus Christi without visiting Lake Corpus Christi State Park? Obviously NO! This park is more than half an hour from Corpus Christi, but you will not be disappointed when you get there. This lake is popular for its trails, catfish fishing, and excellent places to spot birds.

Some Other places you must visit

Besides some national and state parks, there are several museums and zoos such as:

  • Houston Museum of Natural Science
  • Rosenberg Railroad Museum
  • El Campo Museum of Natural History
  • Texas Zoo
  • Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center

There are also main cities you will pass through:

  • Sugar Land: It’s less than 30 minutes into your road trip from Houston to Corpus Christi.
  • Rosenberg: Rosenberg is about 40 minutes outside of Houston.
  • El Campo: About an hour and 11 minutes outside of the Houston area
  • Victoria: Halfway between Houston and Corpus Christi
  • Portland: The last city on your road trip itinerary from Houston to Corpus Christi.

Let’s Sum Up

If you want to enjoy your Houston to Corpus Christi trip without facing any trouble, then you might want to think about renting a car. It is also important how quickly to order a car. Car booking is a simple and reliable procedure. You can arrange a car rental even from another city. The car you have chosen will be waiting for you upon arrival at the appointed place and at the appointed time. 

On our fleet, many cars will turn a family trip into the vacation of a lifetime. So, visit our site and book your car with us.

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